Copperhead Courier: Meet Director Ron Maxwell

As I said last week, my coverage of Copperhead will be moving to their official website and blog, called the Copperhead Courier. If you have been following it so far, you will note that the few posts I have put up were already posted on this site. I just wanted to get the juices flowing over there, so now, new articles will be coming, some from Jim Lavoie, owner and operator of Bulldog Publicity. My first new post is a little piece on the director, Ron Maxwell. I do not want to call it a biography, because it is more of my personal experiences in dealing with him as well as how the Civil War community views him. Please give it a read over there. The first two paragraphs are below:

Ron Maxwell, the director of Copperhead, is a man of many different labels. Some refer to him simply as a director, while others want words such as “artist” or “historian” to hold more prominence over his work. Pick whichever one you like, but for me, he would be all of the above. We first got into contact with each other last July, because I had been covering the release of the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut on my blog for quite some time, since the film was a favorite of mine, and I, like many, had waited eight years to see it the way it was meant to be seen. Gradually, since I began coverage of the film in December of 2010, my blog transformed from one of sports and general movie reviews to a place where Civil War film buffs could come to learn the latest about the long-awaited release. I had the honor of interviewing many of the actors and crew-members involved, many of which I am friends with even today, but the one that stands out is when I had a chance to sit down with Ron at the World Premiere of his new cut in Manassas.

I first contacted him by email, where we conducted a basic Q & A. Just before he sent me his responses, though, he asked me if I was planning on coming to the premiere in a few weeks. I said that I wanted to, but because of work and a summer class I was taking, it would be difficult. He then sent me, “If you can find a way to get down here, I’ll have tickets and press passes waiting for you.” Right then and there, I knew I was going to be attending this event, because I could not let the opportunity slide away. When we met, we conducted a second interview, face to face, where I got a chance to see Ron’s passion up close and personal. That is why I am writing this, because I want people to understand that there are not many people more passionate about their craft, especially when it comes to the American Civil War, than he is. Sure, this passion is evident while watching Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, his two epics dealing with our nation’s foremost and bloodiest internal conflict, but anyone who has had a chance to speak to Ron personally about the subject, and of course, the actors who work for him, must know that he is certainly the best man for the job to helm a film such as Copperhead.

To read the rest, please click here.

For all the latest news, updates, pictures, and historical essays regarding the movie Copperhead, please click here to be directed to the special page we have set up on this blog for it. Also, make sure to check out their official website!

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