Announcement: A New Look, New Page, and Different Postings to Come

It was about time for a style change here on “From New York to San Francisco”, as the previous one was beginning to look cluttered. This new format, I think, is much cleaner looking and better organized, and I personally really like it. Please take note that the pages and categories are now in different locations. The pages are just a little bit lower down from where they used to be, while the actual categories are on the top of the right sidebar. I have also added a new page titled Author Outlook & Blog Info, which details a little bit of my views on blogging and what to expect from this site, as well as introduce the different guest bloggers contributing, and list and describe the different topics and columns that I write about regularly. Edits have also been made to all other pages to tidy them up, and the monthly archives, which are still in the same place, can now be accessed through an easy-to-use drop down menu.

Moving coverage of Copperhead over to their official site in the last few weeks has also given me more freedom to blog about different projects and topics that I was holding off on because I did not want film postings mixed with, let’s say, hockey updates. We are now in the midst of the NHL off-season, so you can expect to see a lot of writing on that, as well as general movie reviews, and of course, plenty of Civil War coverage for the 150th anniversary. I will also be adding some new categories over the next month or so, one for books and another which will include food. I figured that the topics here are already so wide-ranging that it could not get any stranger if I posted some restaurant reviews or my favorite dishes that I have eaten, in the format of Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I thought it would be a nice touch, since the one thing we can all agree on in this world is that we need food to survive.

I hope you all enjoy the new look! Please feel free to leave any feedback!


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