“Around the NHL”: Twitter Fallout, Nash Staying Put for Now, Doan Offered Ridiculous Money

Since it’s now been a few days since I caused that melee on Twitter with a certain Rick Nash rumor, I thought that it was now okay to go ahead with another hockey post. I just want to say that it seemed more people actually approved of the experiment than disapproved, though there were plenty who felt the latter. It’s funny that the people I know on Twitter, whether it be through actually talking to them on a regular basis or just casually following (even those who were not aware of the nature of the plot) were not angry at all, yet all these people who just came out of the woodwork were quick to call me names and attack me. I was left with this lasting impression: the lower the IQ, the higher the overreaction. Okay, now we’re moving on, and ready to go “Around the NHL”…

  • According to reports, Scott Howson and the Columbus Blue Jackets are in no rush to trade Rick Nash, so it looks like the trade we are all anxiously waiting for could take some time (#DONEDEAL). Granted things can change very quickly, but it does not seem that he is going anywhere any time soon. Part of me wants to see the not-so-bright GM get completely shafted, by way of him not being able to trade Nash this summer because of his delusional asking price, only to have Nash completely muck it up to start the season, and force Howson to settle for trading him at a dirt cheap price. As for what exactly Howson wants, it is still a mystery, though he did announce that they will not be looking for defensemen, since that is their “strongest” team area. Glad to know that little tidbit, coming from a team that finished in dead last in the league and gave up 262 goals while going 29-46-7—at least they have their priorities straightened out and know that they don’t need any help on defense.
  • Here’s today’s eye-popper: it has been reported that Phoenix Coyotes free agent Shane Doan has been offered a four-year deal worth more than $30 million by an unknown Eastern Conference team (because its Friday the 13th, I have to pray it is not the Rangers). Ridiculous! I understand that Doan is a hot commodity and provides leadership and intangibles that do not show up on the stat sheet, but  $7.5 million a year for a soon-to-be 36-year-old glorified 20-goal scorer? Come on, people! I don’t want to seem like I am attacking him, cause I truly like the guy, but that is exactly what he is. He used to be a great power forward, but he is older now. He has reached 30 goals once since the lockout (and only twice in his 17-year NHL career) and has not scored more than 22 since 2008. He hits and has a great locker room presence, but whoever offered him that amount of money should be strung up and hung from the rafters of their arena. Let’s see a comparison: Zach Parise for $7.538 or Doan for $7.500? Gee, tough choice there. And people wonder why there might be a lockout…

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