Incredible Picture of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

If this does not get you excited for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, nothing will, and I would highly recommend you visit a doctor to have your pulse checked out and to see if your heart is still beating. No, this is not a Photoshop or digitized or colorized image of the real Abraham Lincoln, it is Daniel Day-Lewis doing what he does best, in completely immersing himself in the character he is portraying (with a little help from a team of excellent makeup artists). Appearing aged and haggard, this is no doubt a recreation of the famous Alexander Gardner photograph of our 16th President, taken less than a week before his death, with four years of leading a country through war visible in every wrinkle of his face. It is also eerily similar to that colorized photo that surfaced this past February, of that same picture, which really breathed some fresh air into history.

Everything has been very hush-hush involving the production, with few pictures popping up and even fewer people talking about what went on behind the scenes. I currently have two cast members who are wanting to tell their story, but cannot until a later date due to a “gag order” of sorts, which is completely understandable. This is going to be the definitive portrayal of America’s most famous president, and a story told by one of the finest directors and best actors of our era.


2 thoughts on “Incredible Picture of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

  1. Gettysbuff

    Saw this earlier today on All i can saw is “WOW”. The perfect way to describe Daniel is ‘transformative”. Not just in this role, but in most of his other films.

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