“Lincoln Watch”: New “Unite” Trailer Gives Goosebumps to Viewers

Upon asking people what their reaction was to the latest Lincoln trailer, called “Unite”, which debuted after the first presidential debate last week, I think everyone’s reaction was the same: “I got goosebumps.” Yep, same here. This may be the best trailer I have ever seen for a movie, and to be honest, it really pumped me up, with a combination of the music and the intensity of the acting. I really felt invigorated after viewing it, like I could go run a marathon or something like that. It’s definitely a different kind of trailer, starting with the opening images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and others, with the basic message saying that if we have a dream or belief, if we can just unite, it can be accomplished, and in the case of this film, which details the waning months of the American Civil War, that dream was the eventual end of slavery. All of these images are being shown while Abraham Lincoln speaks in the background, “Do we choose to be born, or are we fitted to the times we’re born into?”, a very fitting question coming from someone who was such a strong believer in fate.

We also had a chance to see some of the other scenes that are going to be in this film, including dialogue showing the at-times troubled marriage between Lincoln and Mary Todd, who was suffering from the loss of two children, as well as seeing her husband stressed and torn as a result of the ongoing war. This trailer does give a much more intense look at the film, and is not going to be the easy-going biopic people were expecting to see as it was in production.


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