Weathering the Storm: Christie and Obama Making an Unlikely but Amazing Team

Just when bipartisanship seemed dead in America, President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have shown that it is indeed possible to stand in the middle of the aisle to get things done. Being an independent fed up with both parties, I must say I am impressed with the actions of both leaders. Christie may have been too cautious for Hurricane Irene last year, but this year, you will see that he was spot on. I have not been keeping track of all the updates, but every time I heard him speak on the radio when the power was out, it instilled confidence in me that everything would soon be alright, and progress was being made. His bullyish, no-nonsense attitude may be unappealing to some people, but that is exactly what we need in politics, especially in a time of crisis. He is a take-charge man who tells it like it is, and I applaud him for never dancing around the situation. If I ever did reverse my decision to never vote for a major party candidate for president, should Christie run in 2o16, he very well may be the only Republican I would ever consider voting for. He has called all shots, and the the law and order in this state has been maintained as well as it can be given the circumstances. From trying to stop price gouging to signing the order to start rationing gas tomorrow, there is a sense of calm in an area that has seen much disturbance.

As for Obama, hats off to him as well for doing everything possible to make sure relief would find its way to New Jersey. His offer to fly in trucks from out-of-state by military planes if they could not make the drive showed superb initiative. His plans have been well thought out and timely, and no matter what party you support, you cannot deny that everything humanly possible is being done to fix this natural disaster. Thank you to both men for actually keeping the American people in mind these last few days instead of casting them by the wayside. Politics has become nothing but a game, with the issues being there to seemingly only give reason for talking points, heated debates between fools, and talk shows. What truly defines a leader is none of that—its how they react in a time of crisis and whether or not they can instill confidence and hold people together. I only wish the people of New Orleans had such leaders at the helm back in 2005.


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