FNYTSF Blog Update (11/7/12)

Just an update on where we stand here on FNYTSF: first of all, I wanted to thank the many people who shared my last few articles on Hurricane Sandy. I was not expecting much out of it, because my emotions while writing them bordered on shock. Looking back on it, I’m glad I did write them, not only for my readers around the world who might want to see what has gone on in my neck of the woods, but also for me to save them, so that years from now I will still remember what was going through my mind in the aftermath of this disaster.

As for some blog updates, I have removed the Gods and Generals and Copperhead film pages that were located at the top in order to reduce some more clutter. The archives can now be viewed by going to the sidebar on the right under “Movie Coverage” and clicking the name of the film you are looking for, if you want to revisit any previous postings. As always, all the interviews I have conducted are located in the “Interview File”, which remains up at the top of the page. You will notice that there is now a new page,”Film Projects”, which will give updates on the films I am currently involved in, which now includes a television documentary titled, The Men Who Hunted Jack the Ripper.

I also apologize for not putting up as many reviews as I had hoped for during “Horror Movie Month”, but I became extremely busy in mid-October, and just as I had some free time at the end of the month, Hurricane Sandy happened and I was without power for almost a week. That said, tomorrow is a new day, and we are now just over a week away from the premiere of Lincoln on November 16th! Very excited for that one, as well all are.

Take care everyone,

Greg Caggiano


One thought on “FNYTSF Blog Update (11/7/12)

  1. Greg,

    Writing about your thoughts and experiences is an important part of the process to deal with and heal from this natural disaster. We experienced similar emotions in the aftermath of 9/11. It was fascinating how relatives and friends posted flyers and photos of missing individuals who worked in the Twin Towers–it was part of the process to deal with the inevitable truth that they had perished. In 2012 we now have social media and blogs to serve this purpose. And like with 9/11 we can’t forget this–we have to make the right decisions on rebuilding to either keep individuals out of harm’s way or to fortify defenses against future storms of this magnitude.

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