Two Essential DVD/Blu-Ray Box Sets Coming Out This November

This may be the greatest month for box set releases ever! Get your pen ready, and make sure to include these two on your holiday gift list!

As you all know, I have been following the progress of two box set releases in the past few months, both of which can be considered opposites on the genre spectrum. The first of these, which comes out on November 27th, is something that I have waited at least twelve years for, or maybe even longer as I cannot pinpoint the exact time that the History Channel and A & E stopped showing syndicated re-runs of the Leonard Nimoy-hosted mystery documentary series titled In Search Of…, which as I have previously stated, left no stone unturned and is an absolute must-own for any paranormal enthusiast, researcher, or anyone who has an interest in our “unsolved” history. There have been people waiting much longer than I have for this, as the last episode aired in 1982 after an extremely successful six-season run that encompassed 146 episodes, all of which are included in the massive 19-disc set (only available on DVD), that clocks in at more than 3,600 minutes long. Never before has this show been released in any way—never on VHS or DVD, until now. Also included is a pilot special hosted by Rod Serling and narrated by Robert Vaughn, as well as bonus updates and documentaries hosted by Nimoy, which will look back at the show as well as tell us where we are with some of these cases today. My only concern will be the actual quality of the film. I have never purchased a product from V.E.I, which is releasing the set, and all episodes of the series on Youtube and even when they were re-run on television showed some wear and tear. We can only hope that a decent amount of restoration was done, though I am not expecting a major overhaul like the product below. You can pre-order this on Amazon right now, for the considerably fair price of $149.99. This one is going on my Christmas wish list!

Next we have something that I just cannot wait until Christmas for, and when you find out why, you just might agree with me. We have a Criterion Collection release of one of the most sought after foreign film sets ever made, the “Trilogy of Life”, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, which includes The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales, and Arabian Nights, the latter two which have never been released on the American market before. Pasolini was an artist and revolutionary who continues to have a cult following more than thirty years after his shocking murder in Italy, and like the set mentioned above, it is truly incredible that it has taken this long to be released. Now, why would I not be able to wait until December to receive these as a gift? Well, let’s just say that Barnes & Noble has had some incredible timing with a 50% off sale that will allow me to splurge on this set myself. Yes, you read that correctly: 50% off! The $79.99 four-disc set (available on DVD and Blu-Ray for the same price) will be discounted to $39.99 until November 19th, when their sale on Criterion films end. Being that this film is available for pre-order until it’s release date on the 13th, you better act now before you forget. I just placed my order this afternoon, and cannot wait for its arrival!

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