5 comments on “Movie Review: Lincoln (2012)

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  2. Well, I was going to watch both “Lincoln” and “Skyfall” back-to-back on DVD, but I had to set James Bond aside for another day (not to die another day, but watch another day, James). The reason? This movie is so profound it is one you gotta let sink into you afterward. I was so impressed, and so moved, I left this thank you note to Messrs. Spielberg and Day-Lewis on one of my blogs:


    It was so good my eyes were misty at the end. Second time this week I have watched a movie that did that, in fact. (The other was a docu-drama from 1992 entitled “Dien Bien Phu.” A battle in 1954 fought by France in Vietnam that insured the United States would one day become involved in their own war.)

  3. P.S. The only way this movie could have been better if it was made as a mini-series! Seriously, I thought it suffered from “quip lash” from one too many funny stories by Abe. I for one would not have minded the Washington joke Abe used to tell left on the cutting room floor. And too bad Martin Sheen or Robert Duvall had done a dialogue-less cameo as Robert E. Lee, no?

  4. You can delete this comment but I figured you’d want to know that the term is “bated breath,” not “baited breath.” Interesting blog, and the new name is a great one!

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