Voting Score Breakdown of “Lincoln” After Opening Weekend

With the numbers in from the opening weekend of Lincoln, the film appears to have grossed over $21 million, which is a decent pull for a historical epic (even though I did expect a higher gross), especially when you consider that it went up against the opening of the latest Twilight movie, and Skyfall is still going strong. If you go to IMDb and check out the current rating the film sits at, it is an 8.3 which has steadily climbed at least one point each day since it’s release on Friday after hovering between  7.8 and  7.9 in the days following the limited release on November 9th. I would now like to break down the ratings even further, and by clicking on the user amount located below the rating on the film’s page, we can see how the ratings got sorted by age and gender, which can tell us a lot about a film’s success.

As of right now, 5,576 voters have submitted their score, and while this will definitely climb into the tens of thousands over the next few weeks, it is a large enough sample space to give us an early indication into where the film hit, and where it missed. As expected, because the cast is male-dominated and this is a war/political film, we get a higher rating from males than females, an 8.3 compared to 7.9, for those users who have disclosed their gender. Even still, that is a pretty good number coming from the female vote, and a similar rating can be found for the movie Gettysburg, another Civil War film, but this one not having a single female role in the theatrical cut—the female rating for that sits at 7.4. For the aged 18-29 grouping, which people in marketing argue is the most important, because they drive what becomes popular and what fails, the rating is the same 8.3, a very good sign, albeit an early one, that this film will be a budgetary success.

What comes as a pleasant surprise, even with a smaller space to judge by, is the under-18 vote, which to me, is the most important since they are our future and will hopefully develop a love and enjoyment for history. The non-gender average for those under-18 is the highest of all non-gender specific categories, sitting at a 9.0. To break it down further, females under-18 give the film its highest rated gender specific category at a 9.2. This should make educators very happy, and illustrate that even with a dialogue-heavy script, it was still understandable and enjoyable.

In a non-numbers related observation, the general consensus among bloggers I have spoken to and those who do not review movies professionally is that James Spader stole the show and deserves an Academy Award nomination right alongside Tommy Lee Jones for best supporting actor. No arguments here.

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  1. David Foster says:

    As usual Greg, your reviews have been spot on for Lincoln. I look forward to watching it for the second time this week in a far more comfortable seat than those at the Byrd.

    1. Thanks, David! I plan on seeing it a second time as well. The school I work at was considering a field trip at some point. I’m waiting to see, if not, I’ll go on my own again.

      I need to see it a second time for it to set in and to catch anything I may have missed.

  2. By comparison, the movie that opened #1 at the box office, “Twilight: The Biggest WTF Franchise in History Ends (Until the Reboot), Part 45,234,987,” has a 5.9/10 on IMDb. So, for those who are actually going to see the movie, “Lincoln” is the better deal!

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