5 comments on “My Running Commentary During Last Night’s 12.12.12 Concert

  1. Greg, that really was a hilarious read. Probably the funniest sh*t i have read on here EVER. So thanks for brightening my day. My wife and I particularly liked your Rolling Stones and Walking Dead comments.

  2. Great post. I’ll even agree with most of it.

    On McCartney: It was a weak song selection. I wish he’d stop singing Blackbird at every appearance he makes. It’s a good song, but not his best by a long shot. Helter Skelter was a brave song to do live, but I think he made it work. You mentioned only knowing two of his songs; I’m curious to know which two. I do hope this was one. Using his backup singers in I’ve got a feeling was a mistake. If anything, Dave Grohl should have stayed on for one more song and been the other singer.

    Paul hasn’t had a good “new” song since 1997; so the new song he wrote for his wife shouldn’t have been anywhere *near* that set. The songs he did from Wings were just okay. There are a lot of other songs that I would have rather seen him do, though.

    Other thoughts:
    ~I absolutely agree that Clapton was great. Probably one of the more underrated performers.

    ~Keith Richards actually died two months ago but no one has told him yet. Seriously…the drugs might be the only thing preserving him at this point. Jagger looked great. Well, at least as good as he ever looked, for what that’s worth. I don’t know why they only got two songs when Roger Daltry was given thirty minutes to do his strip show and Kanye had what must have been about 6 months to prance around in his miniskirt.

    ~And really, what was Kanye even doing there? He might have actually been less out of place at woodstock. Did you notice how during his set they showed ZERO shots of the reaction from the crowd? During all the other performances they cut to the crowd to show singing alone, dancing, cheering…During his set they showed the backs of people’s heads.

    ~Everything about Billy Joel’s set was perfect.

    ~I love Chris Martin. Could have done without Michael Stipe’s cameo since Chris Martin’s set was so short as it was.

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