“Copperhead Courier”: Ron Maxwell’s Message to American History Enthusiasts


Good afternoon, everyone! Just wanted to share this quick post with you, which is something that Ron Maxwell, the director of Copperhead, wrote on his Facebook this afternoon. Recognizing the importance of social media and word-of-mouth when it comes to publicity with films and other entertainment mediums, this is a message regarding what YOU can do to help the success of his upcoming film, slated for a summer release. If you love American history, film, and when the two meet, please help spread the word, by telling friends who are also interested in the subject, and even sharing the links of the official website (which includes my official blog of the film), the production’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and this blog as well. Together, as students of history, we can accomplish something. I’ll leave Ron to tell the rest:

Dear Friends and enthusiasts of American History,

Sometime this summer we’ll be releasing my new movie “Copperhead,” which is set in 1862 in upstate New York. A Civil War film set in New York may be surprising to some, as everyone knows the War was fought, with the exception of the Gettysburg campaign, south of the Mason-Dixon line. I think that with this film we are breaking new ground in the popular culture. We’ve often seen, as we should, the devastating effects of the war in the South. We’ve rarely seen how the War affected Northern communities and Northern families.

I think most of you already know how rare it is that Hollywood makes a serious film from the stories of American History. As we have seen in recent years, if and when these stories are considered we are more likely to get a cartoon or sensationalized version of history. To my mind, this shows a contempt for the intelligence of we the people. That said, Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” a significant cinematic achievement, is currently playing to appreciative audiences across the country – proving as we know- that the audience for compelling films on American History is thirsting for the real thing.

This is where you come in. We have four months to prepare our friends, relatives and fellow lovers of history for the theatrical opening of “Copperhead.” If the enthusiastic audience watching “Lincoln” in theaters today doesn’t know that “Copperhead” will be in theaters this summer, they won’t show up. Unlike “Lincoln,” we are not financed by a major Hollywood studio. We won’t have a fifty million dollar advertising budget, nor will our movie open on the same date in thousands of theaters across the country. We will open initially in a handful of theaters in a couple of markets, depending entirely on word of mouth and good will to extend and enlarge our theatrical release.

I’m not claiming to have made the perfect Civil War film. But neither am I embarrassed to assert that our team of writers, researchers, actors and film artists have made a film we can be proud of and that audiences across North America and indeed the world, will enjoy. Will you help me spread the word? If we can increase the awareness for “Copperhead” to most if not all of our fellow citizens who care about our shared history and heritage, who love these stories and truly care about the trials and tribulations of our ancestors, together we can make a difference.

If you agree, please start today. Encourage your friends to sign onto my Facebook page as well as the Facebook page for Copperhead the movie, and to visit our website.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


Links to Share

Official Website



Ron’s Facebook

This Blog’s Copperhead Page

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  1. Gettysbuff says:

    Hear hear.

    On a different note here’s a link to 2 great articles from October about a gentleman’s experience filming the movie “Gettysburg”. There are some great photos here too. I just thought i’d share it as i thought you may be interested to read them (and anyone else for that matter). Enjoy, and hit me back with what you thought. The articles start about halfway down the page –


    1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Gettysbuff says:

        Oh you’re most welcome. Glad you enjoyed them.

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