A Testimony for “XParanormal Detector”


Over the last few months, I have been trying out different applications on phones and computers related to ghost hunting in an attempt to debunk which ones are gimmicks, and which ones may be legitimate. While all of them provide the disclaimer that none of the results can be scientifically verified, some seem to be pretty accurate in detecting when a spirit may be present. I have stood out on a limb as a paranormal investigator and claimed that the “Ghost Radar” app that many people have on their phones is in fact real, despite many people just fooling around with it, or letting their children play with it thinking it is just a game. Well, in my time at different museums, as well as trips to the Spy House and Rose Hill Cemetery, I can say that this app is not the gimmick everyone claims. While the actual radar blips themselves may not be a hundred percent accurate, I believe the words that appear, the result of ghostly communication, are real. Too many times incidents have occurred that aligns with what comes up on screen. There is also another program people can download, this time for their computers, which serves as a ghost detector, called “XParanormal”, produced by Extreme Senses Software. Both operate in much the same way, using the various sensors and wi-fi scanners inside the mechanism to detect changes in the electromagnetic field, and allow ghosts to speak. However, I feel that xParanormal is a little bit more precise, mainly because a laptop is more capable, and because EMF changes and words occur far fewer times, and when they do, they appear to be less random.

I have conducted several sessions using XParanormal, but I wanted to share the most recent one with all of you. I cannot really say where this occurred, due to privacy concerns, but the location really does not matter. I was sitting alone in a room during the daytime with it on, when all of a sudden, I saw a dark shadow walk into the room, through the doorway to the left of where I was sitting. It was so profound that I actually thought it was a person, because I was not alone in the building. It actually disturbed me, something that does not usually happen, so I got up and looked into the hallway, and saw no one walking around. When I returned to my computer, the r-flux meter (which detects the EMF changes) was bouncing up and down, and it then spit out a slew of words including “geranium”, “fence”, and “1896”, the first time I have ever gotten a year using any of these programs. Now, for anyone who has used this or Ghost Radar, you will probably agree that as random as some of the words may seem, something like “geranium” is still a bit peculiar.

Later in the day, I asked someone very familiar with the building what was located on the property before what it is currently being used as. She went on to tell me that it was a farm. When I pressed further, like what kind of farm, she said that it was a “flower farm”. This kind of stunned me a little, and I asked, “Think they grew geraniums?” to which she said it was definitely a possibility. Normally, a word or series of words would not cause me to get too excited, but it was coupled with a shadowy figure walking into the room moments before. Coincidence, or something more? Ghost hunting is a lot more accessible now than ever before, so I wanted to share this find with you. There is a free version you can download, as well as two other paid versions—I just purchased the $4.99 moments ago, and am looking forward to testing it out real soon. It includes a radar scanner as well as the ability to log the words that pop up on screen. That’s all for now. Good night, everyone, and happy hunting!

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  1. Chad Smith says:

    There are currently no PCs that have the ability to detect EMF as they lack the hardware to do so. Additionally, the Ghost Radar app doesn’t use any of the devices sensors, it says so in the description. As far as I know, the only app out there that actually uses the devices sensors is Ghost Hunter M2 but I think it’s only available for the iPhone. Nice article though.

    1. Well, it definitely does SOMETHING. Too many coincidences to be coincidences. There IS something at work within the laptop.

  2. Shawn says:

    Spirits don’t really need any special sensors to communicate with us through soundwaves. Read the book, “The Dead are Alive: They Can and Do Communicate With You” by Harold Sherman. People just used the radio or TV before computers and cell phones were available and got decent results anyway.

  3. Ray Feurstein says:

    Yes I agree with Shawn. I own Xpara. laptop software and use it. Recently I was amazed as well other people with me that the ghostbox, ghost detector and other various items from XParanormal worked incredibly well. I have had this product for a few years now and this was the best investigation I have had. We are going back to try it again. There is something to say for conventional detection of an unconventional source “spirits”.

  4. i would like to purchase the x paranormal pro but the trial one its been like an hour and 1 word venezuela wow i have tried tweaking the settings too

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