Tentative “Copperhead” Release Date Set for June 28


A release date for Ron Maxwell’s Copperhead has been set for June 28. The premiere for the film will be held sometime in the week prior, in Washington D.C, before opening near Civil War battlefields along the east coast. We are all very excited! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer, as well as for additional interviews with cast and crew members.

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  1. Susan mowery says:

    We own clement l vallandigham s boyhood home in Lisbon oh. We are currently taking pledges for a bronze statue of clement (the head of the copperheads) in Lisbon. IS HE IN THE MOVIE?

    1. Hi Susan, Clement Vallandigham, though a prominent Copperhead, is not featured in the movie. While politics is central to the plot, this is a more intimate look at a family’s struggles during the war, and not the broad picture of the Copperhead movement.


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