The Most Comprehensive Look at “Gods and Generals” Ever


Hello Gods and Generals fans, it’s been a while since I wrote anything on one of our favorite films, so I just wanted to share this resource with you. How many times have I watched this movie, maybe 30 or 40 all together, including full viewings and clips from when I teach? I’ve also written nearly 60 articles on the film and conducted many interviews with cast and crew members. That said, I must admit, even I did not pay such close attention to detail as the website I am about to show you did. Titled Movie-Censorship (strange title, I know), this website does scene-by-scene comparisons of films in both their original and extended cuts, down to, literally, the slightest detail. The mega-site happened to do one for Gods and Generals, and while we all know of the major changes that were made in 2011 to the 2003 theatrical version, there are many other little things that you probably would not have even noticed. Please click here to check out the site.

Why would somebody do something like this, you are wondering? Beats me, but I am sure glad they did. I just wonder how long this took because of how tedious the process was. Everything from the insertion of a major part like Antietam, to something so slight as a character turning his head in the theatrical cut and it not happening in the new cut are taken note of—even camera transitions and changes in lighting.  This is probably only something that true die-hard fans of the film will appreciate, unless you like to study film-making. Either way, it really is fascinating! Please enjoy, everyone.

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  1. Chris Evans says:

    Thanks for posting.

    I noticed that site a few months ago with ‘Gods and Generals’. It is truly incredible. They do the same thing for ‘Gettysburg’ but of course that is much easier.


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