“Copperhead” Official Trailer and New Movie Poster Released


Just this past week, the official trailer and updated poster for Ron Maxwell’s Copperhead, which will hit theaters on June 28th, was released, much to the excitement of fans, who have waited nearly 10 years for another Civil War film from the director of Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. The trailer, amongst fans, has generated a lot of discussion and rave reviews. Also garnering excitement is the new movie poster, which I must say is much better than the original, and really captures and essence and intensity of what this film is about—the American flag backdrop was totally necessary, to convey the point that even with all the strife and how this country was torn apart, we were all Americans in the end. It also includes the tagline, “Patriot to some. Traitor to others.”, which is central to the main character of Billy Campbell, as well as the entire Copperhead political movement as a whole, due to their anti-war feelings.

Part of the poster has also been cut down so it can be used as a “cover photo” for Facebook. Myself and a few others have already set this to the top of our pages. Because as fans, we should do our part to promote the film, how many people can we get to follow suit? Just save the image below and upload it to join the movement!


Please visit the Copperhead official website as well as my official blog on the film. Both myself and the film production staff have been extremely busy of late, so I apologize for the lack of articles that I am used to putting out. Coming shortly will be interviews with actor Josh Cruddas, soundtrack composer Laurent Eyquem, and costume designer Kate Rose, all of whom did some a magnificent job with this film.

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  1. Just saw the trailer. Looks great! Except … we won’t have to sit through (or fast forward by on DVD) any x-rated scenes in this flick, will we? I ask because of the (obvious) romantic element to the plot.

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