57 comments on “History Channel’s “Chasing Tail”: Are You Kidding Me?

  1. I agree… all good points. The American Unearthed program at first was interesting. I agree with the concept that the history we learned left out things and possibly got things wrong. It did not seem so far fetched that Knights Templar would come to America. After all, it is now widely accepted that Vikings were here hundreds of years ahead of Columbus and they travelled in relatively small boats.

    But, America Unearthed seems sloppy relative to science and history. I watched an episode where he talked about caliche build up on an object and said this was consistent with and age of 1200 years. I did a little reading on the internet and found caliche build up could be accomplished via man-induced methods. In other words – there was a relatively easy way to give the item an artificially old age and that was never even mentioned as a possibility.

    It seems like science and history can partner to answer some interesting questions. These programs are not doing a good job in that regard.

    • I too am open to the possibility of the Knights Templar coming to America, since, as you say, the Vikings were almost definitely here (at least in Canada). However, nothing Wolter has ever found/produced ever gave any concrete evidence. I am no expert on the matter, but the general opinion on items such as the Kensington Runestone (and other items like it), which are used to prove theories such as Wolter’s, is that it was a complete hoax and fabrication. I do not know what to believe, but if most people actually educated on the subject say it is false, so I would probably go with them.

      America Unearthed had such great promise. I thought it would be the perfect show, since as a teacher, I am always looking for little “fun facts” the book gets wrong. I just need evidence to back it up, and this show has given me none of that. Just an aimless wandering with a lot of interviews and quick camera cuts. All show and no substance.

  2. Disappointment abounds! It used to be that my favorite programing was on A & E, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and TLC (which now should be called “The Toddlers in Tiaras Channel). There used to be so much to learn and experience. Now, it just a lot of fantastical drivil. The wonderful opportunity to truely learn about places, its peoples and cultures is now nonexistant. Replaced by subjects that belong on some archaic testosterone driven, mindless society in a hand-basket programing. Then I saw a great glimmer of hope…..America Unearthed! Alas……another bunch of misdirected, misinforming, sensationalistic garbage. They had a wonderful format for a great show (and redemption) amd we are back to nonsensical drivil. What an opportunity to explore the true history of this country (and continent) and they gave us an arrogant, opinionated expert who’s main interest is the Knights of Templar. What about all the indigenous people and their beginings, struggles, cultures, arts, beliefs and interactions with other indigenous people and those from abroad? I don’t give America Unearthed much more time. All of us who were interested in the idea of this program are certainly the only ones to watch it and are very disappointed. I am very sorry they missed the boat on this one. If done correctly, it would have been a jackpot. The PBS stations across this country have been around for better than 50 years with the same solid educational and entertainig programing. Maybe all the above mentioned should take their ques from PBS?

  3. What is it with television networks showing these stupid reality shows about bumpkins and glorifying killing and exploiting wild animals lately? It is beyond disgusting! All you see anymore on most networks is one braindead reality show after another! Networks like Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, and The History Channel are supposed to show programs that raise IQ levels not lower them! All you see on these networks and several other TV networks anymore is garbage shows that glorify trapping, torturing, and killing wildlife for profit and entertainment! Then if it isn’t that, the networks show other reality shows of people acting like braindead yuppie idiots or people craving attention for doing ordinary stuff that other people do all the time that they think they should be on TV and get a medal for doing! WTF? It is really sad, disgusting, and disturbing that the media has gone so low and is force feeding this garbage to the masses and our society is suffering for it! Personally, I would love to see a social study experiment conducted to show the negative affects these reality shows are having on our society. I think these braindead reality shows glorifying animal killing and stupidity is dumbing down the masses and I think it is high time we stand up to the networks airing this garbage before they turn us all into braindead idiots and zombies from all this lousy programming they keep airing! One of the best things we can do to put an end to these lousy reality shows that glorify animal killing and stupidity is to boycott the networks that show them. Cut the networks off from their ratings and they will begin to lose money, then we will be able to force them to bring back intelligent programming and entertainment like they used to show before they started showing the garbage they are showing now.

    • So how do we contact the network to stop airing the show. No one would talk to me when I called the a&e network headquarters. I don’t know since when showing animal torture and killing became airtime worthy. We are back to the dark ages. Dumb audience cheering a dumb show while animals suffer and die. So 9/11 is supposed to be devastatingly tragic and this isn’t? Just because in these shows animals are being needlessly killed instead of humans makes it all acceptable? If these deer have to suffer and die just because the rich in Connecticut think there are too many of them then well…news flash…who’s going to hunt and kill us great humans because (trust me on this) there are far too many of us than this planet needs. So on the flip side if humans need not control their number then who the f*** got up one day and decided ” oh dear….the deer got too many!!!

      • This is what I mean about uneducated people we don’t have to be hunted like the deer and other animals we kill each other,and mostly by disease just like the animals when they over populate like we have. That’s why we have hunting seasons suffering is the cows and pigs and other animals that you feed off of from the market,u are ignorant don’t even talk or have an opinion on something that you have no idea about and you won’t come off so stupid.same with you justin give it a rest and write about something you know about.

      • The difference is that deer are animals, if you are saying that people have no more inherent value than animals then you’ve joined the Adolf Club.

    • Wow Justin , so very well said. I completely agree!!!
      Maybe we should all follow the steps posted by Melody, to voice our disapproval of The History Channels shows (particulatly Chasing Tail). In the meantime Im not watching their network.

    • You who frown on hunting shows are stupid. First off they are killing the deer because there is an over population. Millions of dollars each year are spent repairing cars who were hit by deer. In no way are they glorifying it they are just showing a few American’s who hunt deer and eat the meat what is wrong with that. If you seen where your HAMBURGER comes from you would eat deer to. Second HISTORY CHANNEL is not just about things that happened hundreds of years ago. It is about showing American history. Witch includes All the shows you dislike. Many of these things are not hunting at all but a way of life. You may not think so but it has been in their families for generations. I guess you are a city slicker so you probably don’t know things like hunting deer actually helps the population by leaving healthier deer in the heard and giving the others more food. So the next time you want a bash shows that show ways of life think its been in our families for generations. How long is going to the coffee shop been in your family.

      • Thank u you couldn’t have said it any better people get killed every day in cars,not to mention Lyme disease which I have my nephew got and other people I know. People haven’t a clue about population control of animals to keep disease down and many other problems which develop.I have been a hunter since I was thirteen I’m now 39 I harvest deer every year and have more respect for these animals than anyone would.My kids are 5 and 8 and all we eat is deer meat people don’t realize it wasn’t shot up with steroids and kept in a stall like a cow so the animal can’t move so the meat stays tender and the animal don’t get muscular,people haven’t a clue they just give there ignorant opinions. There is a lot more to it but won’t get into it now thank u west black that there are some educated people out there on this subject.

  4. I kill deer for food and I’m not brain dead. I can’t stand people like this. If you don’t like what’s in then read a book or change the channel. Don’t be a crybaby because you can’t stand to see an animal killed for food or profit. There is a lot worse things in this world than a group of people that don’t like reality shows. Maybe spend time with your family instead of wasting it watching tv. Now I’m gonna go hoop and holler as you call it. To you the Jersey boy, go buy some tanning lotion and hair gel since you like to stero type. The only garbage on tv is anything that came from jersey.

      • Ah, truly a rational and reasoned argument. (BTW that was sarcasm because no I don’t think you’re smart enough to figure it out)

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I used to believe that channels such as Animal Planet and NG should raise environmental awareness and promote nature conservation and hope that one day I would be able to enjoy all these excellent documentaries. Only after I got the channels 6 months ago did I realize how naive I was…

    • You should realize that most conservation money in a lot of states comes from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses. Most hunters are not the drunk rednecks with no teeth that the media makes us out to be. I will have to say that this show is not a very good depiction of hunters, but please, before making assumptions, do a little research.

  6. How to protest, you write a real letter, make cc notations at the bottom to self, all the media outlets and your state and federal elected officials. Then complain that, with the exception of PBS, you are offended deeply by modern programming on TV, give good, logical reasons, and photocopy and mail off these letters to everyone on your list, starting with the FCC. Just so you know, we own the airwaves, the broadcasters rent the frequency from the government.
    On a side note, if you find a very old tree with an old cross cut in it, that meant it was a “king pine” and the property of the King of England. They were selected to be masts for English Ships, because England had destroyed all their mast-worthy trees. As far as killing animals for no reason, like the slaughter of endangered species for sport or profit, those people have a sickness of mind and spirit. They are Windegos of the modern times. Death stalks them as they stalk their victims. They will not come to a good end. That is the moral missing from all those shows. We grew up with expecting justice to be served. Now most of us hate commercial tv, and that is why.

  7. About the only show of this type that my wife and I watch, is “Swamp People”…and then only because as a child my grandfather use to take me up there, and taught me how to respect the land and the wildlife that was on it. Gator hunting, as they have said, goes back a long way, but the Cajuns and the Native Americans who live there, as have their ancestors for hundreds of years, show that even though the gator is hunted, it’s not a butcher as what is being done to the Grey wolves, and others, in this country.

    Now as far as how it portrays the Deep South, the same could be said for “Jerseylious”, “Jersey Housewives”, I just wonder, what has this got to do with History??

  8. I think all these shows need to be pulled off the air!!! They are disgusting and immoral! Glorifying the murder of innocent animals on T.V. is no better than the sickos that post their animal snuff films on YouTube and Facebook! Our society is completely without remorse, empathy or morals for condoning such behaviors and allowing it to be pushed onto us through networks programming!! They are trying to make us all a bunch of brain dead, complacent, Zombies or Sheep that will allow anything and everything and never fight for our rights and no longer have any sense of morals or decency. What happened to actually showing shows that have something to do with History, Animal Behaviors and Habitats and taking care of our planet and ourselves. On every channel that I USED to watch there are these imbecilic reality T.V. shows that make the people look like complete idiots that have no sense of taste, morals or empathy for anything and everything! What a load of crap!!! I can’t even stand to watch T.V. anymore because of all this “reality” T.V. crap shown and I won’t until things go back to the way they should be. We aren’t progressing by allowing this crap to be shown we are regressing!

  9. You are an idiot that doesn’t understand how the real world works! I wish all people like you would just freakin get a clue!

  10. I was searching for HIstory Channel or another site to post how bad the Chasing Tail show is, just into the first 12 minutes of watching it. A bunch of old geezers with the foulest mouths possible, total slobs with the most brain dead conversations…but then I stumble onto this site and see all the anti-hunting posts and now hope the show stays gets ratings. While this show is not depicting hunting (or the average hunter for that matter, I have been in dozens of hunting camps and met hundreds of hunters and haven’t run into a single one that is close to these slobs), I hope they continue to “glorify killing” and “exploiting wild animals” ad infinitum. The more blood and guts they show, the better.

    The meat the vast majority of people eat doesn’t originate in the supermarket. Someone has to kill an animal so you all can eat meat. Better to eat meat that’s wild and free of hormones and who knows what else than to overpay for the garbage at the supermarket. And showing where meat really comes from might wake up the iphone/facebook crowd a bit. Deer/car collisions are no joke, nor is the damage deer and other animals can do to land and buildings depending on the species. Lock and load history channel! The show may suck but the more it distracts animal extremists and terrorists from other targets, the better.

    • I agree with you 100%. These tree hugger idiots haven’t a clue where their Big Macs and Mc Nuggets come from, yet they whine about hunting. If they want to save the planet that bad, then they should stop breeding.

      • None of us tree huggers would even eat a French fru at mcassholes, many of us are veg, I have been for 45 years

  11. Turn the channel if you don’t like it. I found this site by trying to find out where in CT this is filmed and happened read a few of these comments. My gosh, you whiners have nothing better to do than critique people who don’t think and act exactly like you do. Start breathing the air and quit being so stuffy…you’re wasting good oxygen.

  12. Debate is a sign that people are thinking and care. Apparently this show causes debate. Are humans to have more concern over the life of the deer than the lives of the people with Lyme Disease?

    Lyme Disease is a terrible disease that ravages people, and in some cases in the past had caused death (in my child hood one friend died from it, doctors didn’t know how to treat it back then). Remember friends, 15-10 years ago, many doctors thought it was something else and mis-diagnosed patients – who sufferered the symptoms, the ‘not knowing’ and the stigma of being labeled ‘paranoid.’ I once heard Lyme Disease compared to HIV – in that it destroys from within.

    Biblically – here is what Genesis says:

    Question: “What does the Bible say about animal rights?”

    Answer: The Word of God does not mention the treatment of animals to a great extent. However, from the creation account we get both what the Bible says about animals and how we must treat them. In Genesis 1 we find the creation of all things. It is here that we see God establishing the relationship between man and animal. In verse 28 God gives to man authority over all that was created on earth. Man is to take care of and use the earth. Man is to have the authority over all that was created. This means that man is to assume the control and protection of all that God had created. We must be careful in this role.

    However, it is important to notice what God does after the sin of man. Genesis 3 gives to us the details of the first sin man commits. In verse 21 God prepares for mankind a covering out of skin, and for the first time an animal dies. The implications of this flow throughout the Word of God; because of man’s sin, death has entered the world. However, for our discussion on animals, it is important to understand that the animals are to be used by men for our needs.

    In Genesis 9 there is a change in man’s relation to animals. Up to this point, animals were not used as food. However, God now includes certain animals in the diet of mankind. God also puts fear of man into the animals. Again, animals are used to fill the needs of men. However, God repeats His command in verse two to watch over these animals.

    Animal cruelty should not take place if men truly understand the command to be “caretakers” of the earth. We are to control the numbers of animals so disease and sickness do not kill them off; we are to use the animals for our needs; we are to control animals in a manner in which they are not harmful to humans; and finally we should protect them from over-killing and abuse. The problem lies in the fact that many do not understand this balance and tend to over-protect or under-protect animals. Animals were created for us to enjoy, so protecting a remnant for others to enjoy is also proper. Proverbs 12:10 tells us, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”

    Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/animal-rights.html#ixzz2QG93pK5v

  13. i watched the first two shows back to back, liked them, never wanted to change channels and had a chuckle or two. clearly there was some humorous contrast between the wealthy landowners depicted and the good ol’ boys hangin’ in the barn/camp, wealth can be used to help others. culling deer helps prevent over population, destruction of property, spread of disease among animals and humans, slows down lyme disease, and shares the meat with people. would like more cultural and historical hunting stuff shown and talked about, too. i would like to see this show evolve and continue further by exploring the dimension of hunting throughout history and education and safety – responsibility of a hunter toward nature and all aspects

  14. Unfortunately, the show’s producers are counting on viewer ignorance to get by. No respectable sportsman kills deer like these schmucks do–shot in the throat, in the rectum, wherever they can aim–then dragging them across yards like garbage, talking about killing the “fat asses”, turning the outdoors into their personal ashtrays and
    other vile behavior. Bottom line – this is animal cruelty and NOT the ethical way to manage deer populations. Real hunters will tell you that. Those guys are thugs.

  15. Really? I do NOT want to watch some red neck’s going around killing deer, moose or what ever animal they choose to pick on. Human’s ( white men in particular) have messed with nature & now I don’t know if it can reverse itself. Sad – very, very sad that men & some women get off on KILLING defenseless animals.

  16. You sir are a geographic racist! Just because you do not understand or approve certain cultures, it does not mean they are inferior to youre own! This typical condescending tones about southern cultures burns me up! Some day people will wish they had the ability to survive and provide for family members like we do!(without depending on the gov.)

  17. Glad to see hunters with ethics step up and say this is garbage tv.
    Why it is on, with all the other garbage tv reality shows is simple. Reality tv is cheaper to produce than any other thing on tv. Think. No sets, no wardrobe, no actors, no union. Just a camera and mic and a rent-a-car and some guy can have a show. All he needs to do is find the hillbillies from Deliverence and take them “hunting”.

  18. You are just an upidy yuppy who only knows how to buy chop meat from the supermarket. Get over yourself , not everyone lives in a cushy safety bubble like you. The hillbillies and rednecks and blue collar MEN you are putting down (the back bone of this nation) live a traditional lifestyle. And this is the kind of TV. That sells them. So go eat some tofu while the shows on, i like it.

  19. I like swamp people. It takes nerves of steel to deal with a creature like that.
    The show Chasing Tail is a joke and should be cancelled. Sexual innoendo abound and just plain stupid

  20. How hard can it be to kill deer that live in the suburbs and are used to people? Maybe the only use for it
    is that it might teach the deer to avoid people.

  21. I love the show. God in fact gives us dominion over all the animals. Fools like those in CT that do not hunt get to reap the wide and varied benefits of Lyme disease, car-deer accidents and death, property damage, etc. Perhaps we should allow more coyotes, wolves, house pets such as dogs, etc., simply run the animals until they are too tired, and tear them apart while alive, bite by bite. That happens every day. Your dogs may be doing it… If hunting is unethical, what do you call it when you pathetic anti-hunters order a steak or other meat at your restaurant? What, you think you are better because you didnt kill it? Venison is one of the few “green” foods, organic, very healthy, and very delicious if the animal is cleaned, butchered and stored properly. But those of you who think food comes from a store will never get it.

  22. Chasing tail is one of the best shows on tv. How do you think are great ancestors lived? They hunted with a bow, you’re probally just a dumb Yankee is why you don’t like it.

  23. Everyone an an an ancestor killed and trapped and celebrated when they had food for their families. The show may not have been a good representation of hunting, but who are you people to decide what everyone watches or dosnt watch? Your nobody except for another person with an opinion. I tell you right now there are more people that eat meat then you veg eaters. You don’t have the power to change what another person likes or dosnt like. You don’t tell Wall Mart to change the store because you don’t like it. Point is, some people kill for food to survive and if they choose to create a show that should show that or a form of America’s pastime then fine, if you don’t like it then go watch something else. To me, to create a discussion about such a worthless topic is beyond me. There are alot worse things going on in this world then what’s on tv. Get off your spoiled asses and actually do something besides cry about what’s on tv. Oh and not all hunters are brain dead and missing teeth, but if you made that comment face to face to a person like me, you would certainly be missing some.

  24. Saw one episode. Suicide of Clark. Beyond pathetic. Need to change the name of the channel. I am obviously getting really, really old because I can remember when History and Bravo and TLC actually provided meaningful content.

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  27. First the hunting and or gathering of food has been part of our HISTORY since the dawn of mankind. So guess what folks it is history and present and I hope to never see it go away.
    There are many of us that choose to carry on a family heritage and tradition and provide for ourselves and families. I for one have passed it on to my boys and I hope they continue the same. If not for your ancestors hunting, you would not be here and maybe we all might be better off with less self-centered people. I do not bash you for going to the local grocery and getting your processed injected pen raised and slaughtered without the ability of fare chase meat. So why would you condemn me for harvesting what god gave us in a fare and in an ethical way.
    In this show the hunters are doing a service at the request of the property owners. They are reducing the herd so the remaining ones will be healthier, decreasing the spread of disease to man and other animals, feeding the hungry and helping your wallet by keeping auto insurance down. What the heck we hunters should get a break on our insurance because we reduce the cost for all. Don’t mention it you are welcome we hunters like to share more than just our harvest.
    Although a little dramatized this show was somewhat realistic, urban encroachment has reduced the natural habitat of all animals’ not just deer, so we either have to reduce our population or the size of homes we want or we all will be worse off. Because they have the right to procreate and pass on their genes as much as you do. We as hunters do not want certain bad genes passed on in the heard heck sounds the same as society, one bad seed can ruin the bunch. Maybe if such narrow minded people like your selves chose not to procreate the world might be a better place.
    You know why there are so many channels on the TV today so if you do not like the program you can turn it and let those that want to watch it watch it.

  28. Most of the shows like Swamp People lets people know what this country was built on like hunting gators was and still is a way of life. Just like pawn stars yes its about pawning the family things. There is alot of historic items on that show. The shows they bring to light are all parts of our history.

  29. This show is about hunting im an avid hunter but yet its drenched in drama. Deer populations in the suburbs is really bad they do a lott of damage. But ehat pisses me off these guys dont make smart shots o. The deer every shot ive seen so far has been gut shots or not clean. If ur going to shoot something shoot it double lung or heart, deer will go.50-100 yrds and be dead. The show is somewhat stupid though. Id rather watch an actual outdoor program

  30. Ok so to all you yupis who are gonna sit here whining about deer hunting and how it’s torture have apparently never even hunted in your life and don’t understand the concept of it so maybe you should just shut your mouth and get over it and when the show comes on just turn the channel to whatever y’all city slickers like to watch and shut up

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