Album Review: Ned Huthmacher’s “Outside the Alamo”


For anyone who knows author and historian Ned Huthmacher, they would be hard-pressed to find someone more enthusiastic about Texas history and the siege and battle of the Alamo than him. His life simply revolved around it, so much so that he actually moved to Texas several years after authoring a book titled One Domingo Morning: The Story of Alamo Joe, a novel, and also the first time commander William Barrett Travis’ slave Joe was ever profiled in-depth. Ned is a very easy-going guy who is always willing to talk about anything, especially his love of history. He is a man who can serve as inspiration for those who have a hobby or interest and want to take it to the next level. However, in a step away from his normal Alamo focus, Ned has spent the last several years working on songs to be produced for an album, titled Outside the Alamo, sung and performed by John Beland, who in the past has served as guitarist for several country music legends, including Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Ricky Nelson, and Dolly Parton. While the cover of this album is a vintage photograph of Ned sitting by the outer barrack walls of John Wayne’s Alamo film set, the focus of the songs are quite literally outside the Alamo (with the exception of the song titled the same as his book, which he considers to be it’s “soundtrack”), meaning focusing on his other interests besides the famous battle.


Ned’s authorship of One Domingo Morning was quite flowery and impressive, therefore it is no surprise that Outside the Alamo, performed in a country tone, is poetic and flowing. It is an album that is very easy to listen to, and would probably fit rather nicely emanating from a stereo on the back deck, with the listener kicking back and sipping a cold one (or a margarita if you are in Texas) on a hot summer night. I am not much of a fan of country, but I found myself truly enjoying Ned’s words put to harmony through the veteran Beland. The two make a very interesting tandem, and if you like country music, or easy-listening, you should definitely give this a shot. You will not find another album with such a unique combination of historical reference, poetry, and creative thought. For those of us that know Ned, it is a way for us to better be in-tune with him. For those that do not know him, this is quite an introduction.  To place an order, please contact Ned at

And enjoy this sample track!

I am lucky to have known Ned for nearly ten years now, after we first met through a message board devoted to the 2004 film The Alamo. He was always very kind to me, especially when I was “just a kid”, and helped foster my historical interest of the Alamo and history so much that I finally had to visit San Antonio back in 2007. Now you can see why it  does not come as a surprise to me that this album is so good. I hope you will all give it a shot.


2 thoughts on “Album Review: Ned Huthmacher’s “Outside the Alamo”

  1. John Huthmacher

    Nice review! Of course, being related to Ned, my opinion is favorably tainted, but it IS a darn good record. Thanks for being the first to recognize that in print.

  2. Kent H. Theesen

    I was lucky to come across Ned’s brother John after I put together a Music Reunion show. Through my artwork that John enjoyed he suggested that I put together a design for his brother’s CD. This is the result. Wonderful review and proud to be a part of this venture.

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