5 comments on “Sony Cuts Ties with “To Appomattox”; Backdoor Pilot and Other Changes Planned

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  2. Wow. I’m amazed at how difficult it is to get this off the ground. These are the 150th Anniversary years and enough interest and money to produce is in question? Come on! If the 150th isn’t big enough what will be? I’m very disappointed. There should have been even more movies and shows made during this time of our American Civil War. I have Ben so looking forward to seeing this series. I wish a major motion picture was in order too.

    • I think Sony just missed the boat on something that will be produced and will become a big success. Like Patty said these are the 150th Anniversary years. Sony lost a big opportunity. I’m looking forward to the mini-series.

  3. As an Australian, I find it hard to believe that this series wouldn’t get distributed for being too American. Things like Spielberg’s Lincoln, Cold Mountain, The Patriot, Band of Brothers and The Pacific (which was actually filmed here) did fine.

    Still, they probably had some nerds crunch some numbers on it and they would have used Gods and Generals and/or Gettysburg as a comparison, which obviously didn’t do so well over here (mainly due to their length).

    My theory, as an outsider to your country, is that there seems to be a reluctance by American filmmakers where it is grey about who is good and who is bad. A typical American battle film for cinema will feature virtuous heroic types vs completely evil enemies (Braveheart and The Patriot) or enemies who never speak English (Saving Private Ryan, The Alamo). Even Glory, fantastic as it is, completely reduced the South to a bunch of guys with guns hiding behind a fort.

    It’s a tricky business to deal with the Civil War on film because you simply cannot reduce North v South into a straight good vs evil dichotomy. While history buffs and intelligent audiences are quite capable of doing their own thinking, I sometimes feel studios shy away from making war films with complex underlying issues.

    • I agree 100% Matt. Events like the Civil War and others are not even being taught in schools anymore. Our children and grandchildren are not learning about the history of our country and so it is getting lost. We were once a great nation and to some degree I believe we still are but as a Christian I find that when they started taking God out of everything we are quickly declining as a great nation. Our children and grandchildren would rather play video games, text, or be on social media more than learn about their country. It’s really sad they will never really know what a great country we once were.

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