2 comments on “Hockey Shocker: Kovalchuk Leaves Devils for Russia

  1. As a Ranger fan I agree with your opening remarks. I could care what misery befalls the Devils. Louie L. never cared about the rules in the NHL and his signing of Kovlachuck proves just that. So I will sit back next season and be happier than a pig in, well a sty, each time Chico cries about their horrid offense.

  2. I think it was Jeff Vanderbeek who pushed the Kovalchuk signing and Lamoriello only bought into it out of necessity. The Devils should have walked away after the NHL invalidated the first contract. It would certainly be ironic if they have to take a cap hit despite this “retirement”.

    Who knows, maybe in 10 years the KHL will be equal or superior to the NHL and it might lead to an annual tournament for world hockey supremacy after the Stanley Cup finals.

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