Come Check Out FilmOneFest in Atlantic Highlands on July 20


Have nothing to do on Saturday night? Then come by the marina in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey for the internationally recognized short-film festival FilmOneFest, which recognizes one-minute long films as an art form, with the longest running time each project is allowed being two minutes. I happen to be good friends with someone on the committee for the festival, so I will be helping them out, doing whatever they need me to. I have seen a sampling of some of the films on their website, and while some may be a little too artsy and Avant-garde for me, many are very creative, and its amazing how much some of these filmmakers can cram into such a tiny sample.  There is also a street festival going on throughout the day, and many local [and tasty] restaurants located on First Avenue will have vendors selling their food—some of the best pizza and Thai food in the state can be found here. The films will be shown outside on a large screen and there is plenty of room to come sit and enjoy the evening. My goal is to actually have a film submitted in the festival next year—I am just trying to find something that I can contain to only two minutes…that’s very tough for me!

For more information, click here!

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