11 comments on ““Haunted History” Gettysburg Episode Surprisingly Does Not Disappoint

  1. Excellent review. I agree. I thought it was a good episode also.

    I was glad that there were more Ghost stories than in the first episode which was used almost as another rehash of the story of the Manson murders.

    I wish the Gettysburg episode could have included more stories from the battlefield and I wish they somehow could have included one of my favorite stories (though I know it was on the first ‘Ghosts of Gettysburg back in the ’90s) of the administrators from Pennsylvania college descending into the hell of a Civil War hospital.


    • Yes that was a great story. It was also featured on an episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, hosted by the legendary Robert Stack. To this day, that remains the most chilling of all encounters.

      Perhaps there will be another Gettysburg episode down the line, if it goes into another season (which I am sure it will). As you know, the original HAUNTED HISTORY had two episodes as well, in different seasons. I am eager to see how this series progresses. It is far from perfect but way better than I expected.

      • I agree. The beckoning of the doctor to the administrators to please come and help him gives me the creeps.

        Another story I thought was excellent in the original ‘Ghosts of Gettysburg’ series was the Confederate soldier that was buried alive under the Confederate dead and when he was found after the battle he was raving mad and died soon after. His ghost haunted the house for over a century until it was exorcised. That was a very chilling story and done very well on the recreation of it for the show.


      • I never heard the one about the soldier getting buried alive. Sounds creepy! Wish I saw that episode. I’m thinking now that I never saw the sequel to the original “Ghosts of Gettysburg”.

      • Yes, your right that it was on the sequel episode ‘More Ghosts of Gettysburg’. They should have made more as they were both excellently done.

        What made the fate of the Confederate soldier so horrible is that he was pinned under a pile of Confederate dead for a couple of days in the July heat in this barn behind the Confederate lines and no one could hear his cries for help. It was truly horrifying the way it was depicted. The program said that the Northern troops felt so bad for him that when he was found and soon passed away they buried him in a coffin even though those were in short supply.

        Nesbitt tells the story in detail in his book ‘Ghosts of Gettysburg III’.


  2. I did notice that they used a little reenactment footage from their ’90s documentaries like ‘Civil War Combat’ and ‘Unknown Civil War’.

    Mark Nesbitt in his excellent book series on the ‘Ghosts of Gettysburg’ has the backstory of the Soldier’s National Museum. He tells the whole sordid history of the brutal headmistress at the orphanage and many chilling stories. Also, that photo that they kept showing of the front of the building in the 1860s includes U.S. Grant when he was visiting the site postwar.


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  4. Enjoyed the episode. However they keep mistakenly state that approximately 60,000 soldiers died during the three day battle. Incorrect! Approximately 4,700 Confederate and 3,200 Union soldiers were killed during the battle.

  5. POint on review. I like the “old” Haunted History better, mainly for atmosphere. These new stories more like history documentaries. Very tuff to find good shoews about the paranormal.

  6. When I tours the Jennie Wade House the guide told us that the sharpshooters, in the Farnsworth House, had been testing their rifles and shooting at the door as a target.

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