FNYTSF Nominated for “WordPress Family Award”


I am very pleased and honored to announce that this blog has been nominated for the “WordPress Family Award”, a chain award where you have to get nominated by a fellow WordPress blogger (hence the “family” part of the award), and once you are, have to nominate someone in turn. My nomination came from writer and filmmaker Brad Clark over at Open Eyes, who has a wonderful blog devoted to his many travels, as well another one on the Civil War. Since I unfortunately do not have the time to browse through many blogs, I will offer up a nomination of the one I read most frequently, which is authored by friend and reenactor (and co-writer on other sites) Steven Hancock for Civil War Diary. If there is one very good thing that comes out of such an award chain like this, it is the generation of exposure to other blogs—in looking around just in the past few minutes at other nomination posts, it really opened my eyes to exactly how many great blogs there are running here on WordPress. For years prior to me starting this blog, I wrote for many different websites (mostly sports related) and there was always some underlying competition between writers; sometimes it could get downright ugly. I don’t know if that particular subject created that atmosphere or not, but here on WordPress I never got that vibe. Writers here tend to be supportive of one another, posting positive comments and helping to “like” and share articles to expand the audience of others. We truly are like one big family, and I am honored to share in this award with so many great writers.

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