Paranormal File: Prepping for Friday’s Strauss Mansion Ghost Hunt, and an Interesting Ghost Radar Session


Since our group has been given permission to conduct a paranormal investigation of Strauss Mansion in Atlantic Highlands (as well as present any findings to their Historical Society at the next meeting), a few of us decided to check the place out one more time in daylight this afternoon. The next time we will be there is this coming Friday, for five hours in the evening, to see if we can capture any evidence. Today we just walked around for about an hour, mainly trying to find out where all the outlets are for when we set up a couple of cameras and my XParanormal Detector on my laptop. I also decided to do a Ghost Radar scan of the third floor, and I got some pretty interesting results. While standing in the hallway looking into the so-called tower room (because it features a Victorian tower you can climb up into, which overlooks the bay), the word “tower” came up onto my screen. I walked towards the room and stopped in the doorway. As I stood there, “fully” came up, as if it was telling me to enter the room all the way.  Once I climbed up into the tower, it said “completely”. During this time, the radar screen was loaded with little blips, and after I left the room, it said “fireplace”. Because there was no fireplace upstairs, I walked back down to the first floor, at the base of a giant wooden staircase, and then took a picture of the main fireplace. Just as I was about to snap the photo, an orb flew by, but unfortunately is not visible in the image. This picture is, however, the only one I took today that came out blurry—perhaps the motion of the orb threw off the clarity. The image is below:


I decided to take all the pictures today in black-and-white. Combined with the overcast skies, this effect really makes the mansion seem more creepier. When we are there Friday, there will be seven or eight of us, with our normal equipment that includes EMF Sensors, a night-vision monocular, tape recorders, an infrared camera, and of course, the various programs on our phones and computers; the ones we have deemed to be legitimate. We are all looking forward to this adventure, as it will be a nice change of pace from our regular location, with many rooms to explore. While I normally would not want too much background information before going into an investigation, the president of the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society did tell me that her dog is terrified of the third floor, and sometimes, while sitting by the piano downstairs, angles her head towards it as if she can hear someone playing. Needless to say, Friday night should be very interesting, and if anything does happen, you can be sure to read about it here next weekend.

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