Paranormal File: Walking Through a Cemetery at Midnight


You have not lived until you’ve walked through a cemetery at midnight with a nightvision monocular. That was what I was up to last night along with four of our team members who decided that a little late-Friday night ghost hunting would liven up an otherwise mundane evening. While we did not encounter anything paranormal, it was still one of the most creepiest experiences I have ever had. As I was standing there in darkness, surrounded by gravestones which the moonlight was bouncing off of, creating a very uneasy atmosphere, I could not help but think about the death that was surrounding us, by the hundreds of thousand. It was then when the ultimate thought of fate enters one’s mind, that one day, we will be resting in a place very similar to this. Chapel Hill Cemetery in Middletown is not a particularly old cemetery, and by daylight, is actually quite pleasant (the complete opposite of previously investigated Rose Hill in Matawan), but since it was pretty close by and there are no gates or “No Trespassing” signs, we figured it was a pretty safe bet. While it is located only a stone’s throw away from busy Route 35, the deeper in you get, the more the feeling of isolation overtakes you, and quickly you forget about the cars and civilization nearby—you become alone and feel almost helpless.

We were armed with cameras, Ghost Radar Connect, which provides a built in EVP recorder (nothing captured), and a nightvision monocular. While we did have EMF detectors with us, we decided not to use them because it would have been too dark to see the screen, and did not want to use a flashlight while we were out there. After reviewing some of the pictures taken, there is one that stands out as possibly containing something paranormal. Jake snapped this one of Jakob, and if you look over his shoulder, you can see what looks like the shadow of a figure behind him beginning to manifest. Below is a cropped version of the picture:

Click to enlarge.

We ruled it out as not being another gravestone. I’m not saying it is a ghost, because it could be the flash of the camera creating an illusion, but the shape is definitely there. A lot of the other pictures also contained some interesting orbs and light formations. We had to be very rigorous in analyzing these, because while there were no light sources present in the cemetery, the camera flashes could bounce off the headstones and monuments and cause a reflection.



There were also two scary moments for us last night, which we can look back on now as being humorous. The first was when Brett and I decided to move the car to a different spot, and as we drove along the narrow pathway, inching along, a deer ran right across, causing me to slam on the brake, while both of us let out a yell. We can laugh it off now, but it was not so funny when it happened! The other time was when we were looking back at the car from a few hundred feet away, and there appeared to be three shadowy figures standing next to it. It gave us chills, but upon looking at it with the nightvision, it was revealed that the “figures” were just shadows cast off the gravestones and trees by the moonlight.

Overall, it was still a fun night, which actually began at the Spy House, but of course we could not be content with just walking around a front lawn watching a Ghost Radar screen. We made it over to Chapel Hill, before taking a trip down Cooper and Whipporwill Roads. I guess you could say this was just vintage Weird New Jersey, but it is a fun and legal night that anyone in the area interested in this stuff can enjoy.

To all those who are not interested in the paranormal, I’m sorry that this has kind of become a ghost blog over the last month or so, but there has just been nothing else to write about. I suppose this blog will now return to what it was originally, a potpourri of topics until something big comes along that captures my attention. Still, I hope you are enjoying my adventures, and I hope that it prompts you to take an adventure of your own!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Good article! I would like to make one correction though: this cemetary is actually pretty old and a lot of the graves are from people who died pretty young (a few
    17 year olds, some children, and some babies.) A lot of young people in their early teens and 20’s/30’s died in the 1920’s. My conclusion is they must have died from Tuberculosis. At the time, I was 17 and my friend was 19, so this hit home for us as we could not have imagined what it must have been like to die so young (the same age as us at the time.) My friend and I were walking around Middletown one day and decided to walk into the cemetary (mid-afternoon) and try and find the oldest tombstone. We read almost every tomb stone. The futher back from the entrance you go, the older the tombstones get. Most of the older tombstones are from the 1800’s with the exception of one stone that only lists the year 1774. It is very old, so it is unclear who the person was or if 1774 was the year that person was born or that person died. It was in the middle of a row of tombstones, so my friend and I did not want to walk on people’s graves but it was still very cool! 🙂

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