Paranormal File: Evidence Captured at Rose Hill Cemetery?


“Did you hear about that cemetery? People are just dying to get in!”. There, I started you off with the most over-used cemetery joke in history. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get straight to the point. My group and I have been on a bit of a cemetery kick of late, mainly because we are looking for places free and relatively safe to investigate. Since the primal fear of something going wrong on a ghost hunt involves the living, not the dead, we went back to Rose Hill Cemetery for the first time since January, because there is never anyone there (alive, that is) and the noise level is usually pretty quiet. Last night we were there an hour or so before it got dark, with the setting sun casting an eerie glow on the treeline above the hilly complex which contains graves of soldiers from the American Revolution and Civil War, as well as two of the victims from the infamous 1916 shark attacks. Many of my pictures contained orbs once again, but it was the one below taken by Jason that really caught our attention, as it is probably the largest “orb”, if you want to call it that, I have ever seen:


Unlike what happened in my recent trip to Gettysburg, this photo was not the result of a double camera flash, because I watched him take it and none of us were taking any pictures at that time. There also were no artificial light sources present, and I don’t remember encountering any bugs either, and at no time was pollen visible in the air. My first thought was that it was actually his fingertip accidentally covering the lens, but if you look closely, the entire image is circular, not just one end of it like if it was his finger, and I also think it would have been opaque. He snapped another picture immediately after and it was normal. So what do you think? Any chance this could be a real form of ectoplasm, which is a type of ghostly matter? People have reported such a phenomena occurring at Rose Hill in the past.

In addition to that, later on in the investigation, it seems that we may have captured an EVP. We stood by the grave of James Godfrey, who died in 1875. I asked, “James Godrey, are you here with us?” and a voice responded, “Here”. Take a listen and see if you hear it too. (The audio might not be the crispest, because I had to record it onto my camera from my phone’s audio recorder in order to get it on YouTube.)

We took many recordings and this was the only one that contained an intelligent response. Jake also had a recording where it sounded like the EVP of a mumble, but we cannot make out what it is saying. In order to rule out the “Here” as simply being within the background noise, we listened to each recording carefully and that sound does not appear anywhere else.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Thank you for posting your previous trip and the evidence you caught on your most recent trip to Rose Hill. I’ve been investigating since 2010 and I will be making my first trip to Rose Hill in the near future. Did you ever learn anything about the hours of the cemetery being open? A night time investigation would be preferred, but if I have to settle for the near dusk/dusk time investigation, that will have to do I suppose.

    Funny, I grew up in Matawan and never anything about Rose Hill until after I started investigating. I’m 48 now, so learning there was a very haunted cemetery not far from where I lived was an eye opener!

  2. says:

    A group of us visited the rose hill cemetery tonight, we all left running. All had an eerie sense that we were being watched and followed. We heard a man’s voice and foot steps followed by two loud thumps on the ground. After the second thump, we all went running straight out the entrance. I’ve frequented many many cemeteries, especially at night. Never have I had an experience like this tonight. I too have the paranormal bug.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you guys had a hell of a time.

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