Kickstarter Campaign for “Doctor Who” Fan Film to Begin August 28


How big of a fan of the hit British TV series Doctor Who, are you? Big enough to want to make an entire fan film based on the show? Enter Steven Hancock, a friend of mine who blogs about history and film, and even has a director credit to his name, after he helmed a short tint-type recruitment video for his Civil War reenacting group. He is a very passionate individual who does not just want to stand by and watch Doctor Who, he wants to put his own twist on the story by paying homage to the series via a fan film, which will be starring actress Lilly Nelson in the title role. Nelson and Hancock actually went to school together, and both are avid fans of the series and are pooling their resources to make sure that this project happens. According to the film’s Facebook page, the synopsis for Doctor Who: A Dame to Kill, the current title, is, “After the TARDIS crashes for unknown reasons in a forest in the United States, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. Found by a newlywed couple, the Time Lord recuperates. But it isn’t long before an old enemy emerges, forcing the Doctor into a deadly confrontation, with the fate of the universe in the balance.” A Kickstarter campaign, featuring some cool but not-yet announced prizes to the donors, is set to begin August 28th. The official video for the campaign will be released tomorrow, around 8pm, via their Facebook. The budget the project looks to achieve is in the neighborhood of $4,500.

When asked why people should donate their money to such a cause, director Hancock responded with the following: “For half a century, Doctor Who has entertained millions of fans around the world. It has made us laugh, cry, and taken us to the distant past, and far-off planets in the future. Our goal with Doctor Who: A Dame to Kill is to offer a fresh, different, and exciting take on the role of the Doctor. We have a beautiful and talented actress, Lilly Nelson, that will give a brilliant interpretation of this iconic role. The script, written by Lilly and myself, is witty, exciting, and unique. We hope to amass a top-notch supporting cast and crew to help create a fan film that will stand the test of time, and entertain fans and newcomers alike.” Regrettably, I have never seen a single episode of the original series, even with several friends who are such big fans. Since I am going to be closely following Steven’s project, this might be the excuse I need to start watching.

As of right now, Lilly Nelson is the only person cast for Doctor Who: A Dame to Kill. Her acting credits include a starring role in the television series Is this It? as well as being a background actor in a very intriguing documentary series Creepy Canada (sounds like its right up my alley, doesn’t it?). She also has been in seven other titles dating back to 2006. As I said about Steven before, he has already directed a short film, which I thought was great, and as a co-author with me on a film blog, I know he definitely has a keen eye for detail. For all Doctor Who fans, this is definitely something you will want to keep track of, because just like Star Wars, sometimes the fan interpretations can be as interesting as the original.

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  1. Hey everybody. I am the co-writer, co-producer and director of the project Greg wrote about in this article. I want to thank Greg for taking the time to write about our project for this blog. I have had the honor of working with him on two separate blogs, and have always enjoyed reading his work. It’s an honor to have him write about our little film project.

    Wanted to write and tell you a little bit more about the actress who will be portraying the Doctor in our film. Lilly Nelson is a talent waiting to be discovered. I first met her back an tenth grade, and found her to be a very kind and special person. She played the title role in a production of “The Wizard of Oz,” and knew that acting was her calling.

    She has starred in a number of productions over the past few years. Anybody looking to see her range as an actor need look no further than horror-comedy web series “Zombie Fried Chicken” (She figures prominently in episode three, “Rhys’s Pieces”), and in the Ken Cohen-directed dramedy “My Face.” In the former, she shows her talent for screwball comedy, while the latter shows her dramatic chops. Both projects can be found on YouTube.

    To learn more about this amazing actress, visit her website:

    We look forward to all of ou sharing in this endeavor, as we add our own little voice to the trip of a lifetime!

    1. I seriously need to check my own spelling before posting things. The line should read: “She played the title role in a high school production of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and I sort of knew then that acting was her calling.”

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