2 comments on “I Hope You’re Offended: Artificial Self-Validation

  1. Couldn’t one argue that this blog post could be your own bumper sticker of artificial self validation?

    Interestingly related to the stick figures on the back of minivan windows, the other day I was driving and got quite annoyed at someone driving too slowly on the highway. I was really starting to get frustrated and finally found my window of opportunity to pass. When I got along side, I realized that it was a really young mom white knuckling the steering wheel with an infant in the back seat. My frustration quickly turned into empathy and a slight embarrassment. I took a deep breath and realized that I just need to have patients with people. The world doesn’t revolve around me and pardon my saying, nor does it you. The fact of the matter is that it’s hard work trying to change the world in order to make ones own self happy. When someone is inherently miserable on the inside, they will blame shift away from the true reasons for their unhappiness as a person over to bumper stickers or anything else outside of themselves.

    Your little bumper sticker here seems to me to be nothing less than a self justification for your own general dissatisfaction with yourself. If a person is really happy with themselves then the frivolous things that people do really won’t affect them on a personal level. Live and let live right?

    Returning to the young woman driving, if she’d had a sticker on the back of her van, I think I might have regained my sanity a bit sooner, been a bit more understanding from the onset and my patients would likely have been extended more graciously. But It was a lesson learned. :)

    I hope your not offended . . .

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