Previously Unreleased Music from “Gods and Generals” Available on YouTube


Yes, we are still keeping tabs on everything Gods and Generals here, and it is very happily that I announce that several previously unreleased pieces from the film’s soundtrack are now available on YouTube, and with crystal-clear clarity. The person who has put these up on his account cites “connections at the studio” as the reason he was able to have access to this. Just this past summer, it appeared that a full-length soundtrack for the film (eclipsing three hours) was going to be released on CD. There was a website that was forwarded to me by a colleague which included a track list of more than 40, spanning three discs—there was even a cover art design. I immediately contacted director Ron Maxwell asking if this was legitimate or not, and unfortunately, he said it was nothing but piracy. MP3’s of all the songs appeared to be available for download on that same site, but my McAfee virus warning kept coming up, so I never shared it publicly.

There are many people, including myself, who would kill for a complete soundtrack from Gods and Generals. Just like the film footage itself, much of the soundtrack was left off the original CD release. It was rumored that the amount of music John Frizzell wrote for the four-hour and 40 minute final vision was so large, the score books had to be driven around the studio on golf carts.

I guess we can all thank Jesse Stipek for somehow getting a hold of seven of these forgotten tracks, which includes an expanded version of “VMI Will be Heard from Today”, which played over the entire battle of Chancellorsville scenes, and “Meagher’s Irish Brigade”, the music featured prominently in the Antietam cornfield and Fredericksburg Irish brigade charge scenes. Let’s hope he does not get into any trouble for his release of this music, because there are some fantastic sounds here that should have been released on the original soundtrack, ones we can all enjoy now.

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  1. Chris Evans says:

    Thanks for the post.

    I wish a expanded score had been released at the same time as the expanded cut.


  2. Chris Evans says:


    Just wanted to let you know Patrick ‘General Hood’ Gorman is appearing in some big name TV shows (I think the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ episode has already been shown).


  3. Owen Eldridge says:

    I uploaded the ENTIRE SCORE from Gods and Generals to youtube.

    1. Just saw this comment now. I just found it on YouTube. AWESOME stuff. Love hearing the whole thing. Are you able to say how you got hold of the entire thing? GC

      1. Owen Eldridge says:

        I’m Owen Eldridge, the one who put it on Youtube. Here is a link to download the full score: If you have Adblock then you should be fine…you will also need zip fix and 7-zip file manager.

      2. Thanks for responding. I don’t know how I missed your original message. Thanks for sharing that link. Its such a wonderful score and to be able to hear it in its entirety is amazing.

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