Paranormal File: What Was Flying in the Sky Over Hazlet, NJ Tonight?

While the term “Unidentified Flying Object” does not necessarily mean aliens, something strange and definitely unidentified was seen flying in the sky near Hazlet, New Jersey tonight, at around 5:45 pm. I was contacted by one of my co-investigators who sent me this 44-second long video of four red-glowing lights in the sky, three of which form a triangle. While the lights could be many miles away, the location of filming was by the Hazlet Pharmacy on Route 35. The sighting was also confirmed by several other Hazlet residents, including Pauline Vena who claims that the lights actually stayed stationary for several seconds, and as she was driving home and decided to turn around to get a better look, they disappeared for a brief time, before reappearing and continuing their path as captured in the video, and then ultimately disappearing for the last time. Everyone who I have spoken to claims the lights were not part of a larger object, but their own entities traveling in formation. There also was no disintegration when they disappeared, ruling out the possibility of flares. Pauline has since called the Hazlet Police Department, looking for more information. According to her, there is “no explanation” at this time, but they have received “multiple calls” from witnesses.

Now, I’m not saying those lights are aliens or part of an alien craft, but for the time being, they are definitely unidentified flying objects. We still, however, must take into account the close proximity of Earle Naval Base in nearby Leonardo—my first thought upon seeing/hearing about the incident was that it was a type of military maneuver. Being that I did not see it in person and have only this video to go by, my ruling must be inconclusive at this time. If anyone has more information about these lights, please contact us, as we would like to find out what exactly the truth is.

UPDATE: Read the follow-up to this article here.

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  1. Teresa Violano says:

    My daughters and I also witnesses this there were more than 4 . We saw it begin while we wer in the Pathmark/Kmart shopping center (so did everyone else in the parking lot, one lady thought it was stars). We kept seeing more of them during my drive home about 1 mile away off of Middle Road. One of them was above my block while I was on the phone reporting it to the PD when it just disappeared.

  2. Walter Schaub says:

    They were military helicopters there was about 20 stretching about a far distance

  3. Jay says:

    Google “Morristown UFO Hoax”. The hoax (2009) was orchestrated by two friends doing a gullibility experiment. This is the same exact thing.

  4. JAK says:

    These are sky lanterns. Somebody in the Hazlet/Keyport/Keansburg area has been releasing these randomly since mid-summer of this year (perhaps they purchased the 50-pack from Amazon for $36.70…?)
    The lanterns travel in unison, according to the wind speed and direction. The distance between each lantern is determined by order and position of release, and will remain the same throughout the flight. Sky lanterns also have a funny way of appearing to “go out” and then “re-appear.”
    These are most definitely sky lanterns (aka sky balloons) and not the result of an alien invasion. This time.

  5. JAK says:

    And just in case anyone is still uncertain:

    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jenny says:

    I saw the lights as well. Even if they were sky lanterns, as you say, how could they all hover in the exact same formation, for the exact same period of time and then disappear completely, with no trace, all at the same time? It was a clear night, and there were no significant gusts of wind. I saw seven or eight lights, which formed an arc in the sky. My boyfriend, his mother and I were driving down Route 35 and we all saw the lights. As my boyfriend drove, his mother and I had our eyes totally fixed on the sky, and together we saw the lights go COMPLETELY out of view, in an instant. Say what you will, but I know that what I saw cannot be so easily–or even logically–explained.

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