Paranormal File: Follow-Up to the Hazlet UFO Story

Now that a day has passed, I am quite surprised to find that this UFO sighting was not really reported anywhere, though it did have the news room of an unnamed newspaper buzzing, when a source I spoke to last night told me they were informed that state police helicopters were flying over Hazlet yesterday morning. When their agency called the police for more information, they were not told anything. I was able to hear from more people about the lights disappearing and reemerging, and how others saw more than the four lights depicted in Jason’s video. The disappearance factor would certainly seem to rule out a plane or helicopter, but as I said in the last post, I did not see this myself, so what I am going on is limited. I’m also finding it hard to believe that this would be alien-related, but you really never know. Below is a picture that was also sent to me by Jason, which is a more crystal clear look at the formation he saw:


So last night, I took a drive around with a news source to see if we could document the location of this event. We were not expecting to find anything, but we wanted to establish a more clear look at where the video was taken, and also where the lights in the sky would have been over, because given how people’s perceptions are, they could have been many miles away. I’ll let the videos below do the talking, but we are convinced that the lights would have been flying over the waters of Union Beach, or more closer to Earle Naval Base, Keansburg.

Some additional photos for documentation:

The actual location of filming.
The actual location of filming.
Looking at T-Mobile, the lights would have been in the sky in that direction.
Looking at T-Mobile, the lights would have been in the sky in that direction.

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  1. JAK says:

    These are sky lanterns. Somebody in the Hazlet/Keyport/Keansburg area has been releasing these randomly since mid-summer of this year (perhaps they purchased the 50-pack from Amazon for $36.70…?)
    The lanterns travel in unison, according to the wind speed and direction. The distance between each lantern is determined by order and position of release, and will remain the same throughout the flight. Sky lanterns also have a funny way of appearing to “go out” and then “re-appear.”
    These are most definitely sky lanterns (aka sky balloons) and not the result of an alien invasion. This time.

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