A Clip from My Lecture on the Jersey Devil


Many of you know that I lecture on the topics of the American Civil War and Revolution at various locations, and given my hobby as a paranormal investigator, many times people want to hear what I have to say on the subject. I have created a program called “The Haunted History of New Jersey”, which has actually been quite popular, and combines famous legends and folklore in the Garden State with my own experiences and evidence found while doing investigating. Throughout the talk, I try to debunk when necessary, because sometimes these stories, though passed down for generations can be absolute rubbish. So anyway, the reason for this post is that over the last few years, many readers have asked if I could post some of my lectures online. I was never able to get them filmed until now. The clip you are about to see was taken at Thompson Park this past Saturday, and we thought we would turn it into an episode for the series. In this segment, I discuss the legend of the Jersey Devil, giving some background information and history behind the story, and also examining the possibility of such a creature existing. What I ask of the audience near the end is, “The most important question we have to consider is not does this exist, but can it exist?” Given all the trappings of our modern world, can something like the Jersey Devil still be around today? Please watch and enjoy!

My full lecture schedule is available by clicking here.

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