2 comments on ““The Retrieval”: A Civil War Film Co-Starring Bill Oberst Jr.

  1. Greg,

    I want to thank you for this lovely post about Chris Eska’s film, especially since your blog is known for taking history seriously. I can assure you (having been there for the filming) that The Retrieval is historically accurate, and that it treats its subjects of war, slavery, family and redemption frankly and without sentimentality. The result is a movie that touches people’s hearts. I am so very proud to be a part it, and am grateful to you for giving The Retrieval some exposure to your readers here. It isn’t a flashy film, just a beautifully shot and quietly evocative slice of life in a time we pampered denizens of the internet age can barely imagine. Thank you.


  2. Looks interesting.

    I always liked Mr. Oberst’s portrayal of Sherman in the History channel documentary on his march.


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