The Teaser Trailer for a Friend’s Upcoming “Dr. Who” Fan Film

Lilly Nelson as “The Doctor”

Good friend Steven Hancock is making headway with his fan film Doctor Who: A Dame to Kill. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about his idea for a production, with him getting set to launch a Kickstarter campaign. I’m happy to say that through one way or another, the film did get financed and is currently nearing the end of production, set for a summer release. The running time will be around 35 minutes, as the film stars Lilly Nelson as the Doctor, an actress with nearly 20 film credits to her name. I certainly am impressed that Steven was able to follow through with this project. As it happens, some additional funds are needed for post-production work, so if you are a fan of the Doctor Who franchise or are feeling generous, you can donate to their PayPal account. While any amount will help, a donation of $15 or more before 11:59pm EST Saturday will give you a chance to see a rough cut of the film before it is released. To check out how the film is going to look, below is the teaser trailer. Enjoy!

To visit the project’s IMDB page, click here.

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