Unique Rewards a Part of the “To Appomattox” Kickstarter


For those following the Kickstarter campaign for To Appomattox, about a week after launch, they have made a total of just over $34,000 out of a goal of $2.5 million. While there is still plenty of time to go, and some big sponsors are going to be needed, the success of the financing lies with the little people like us. Every dollar amount, no matter how small, will gradually get this project towards the ultimate goal. However, for those of you with deep pockets, or just want to opportunity to take part in something special, there truly are some amazing and unique return gifts that you will receive in return for your donation, some which no one could have even imagined, such as this one:

“Be Written Into the Film! On consultation, I will create a character just for you with one line of dialogue. This is a SPEAKING ROLE and YOU WILL BE CREDITED. You will also receive the “Official Haversack” and all that contains! [NOTE: On this level THE PRODUCTION WILL PAY FOR YOUR TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION.]”

Where else would you be able to put yourself into a movie? Someone has already taken advantage of this, as the website states that there are only two of three spots remaining. There is also a similar (and cheaper) option at $4,500, which will allow you to be seen on-screen as a staff officer, without any dialogue; as well as the chance to be an extra, or even a flag bearer in one of the battle scenes. Something that caught my attention regarding this, and is very important, is, “Due to the fact that this film will be as historically accurate as possible, the person taking on this role must appear to be of military age (approx 16-50), and generally height/weight proportionate.” This speaks volumes for the type of accuracy they are gunning for with this series and how seriously they are taking it.

Some of the more expensive options, at $10,000 each, which will appeal to country music fans, are recording studio visits with Trace Adkins or Rascal Flatts, who are involved with the music production in To Appomattox, and who will appear on-screen in small roles. At that same amount, you can also be credited as an associate producer and attend the red carpet Hollywood premiere and after-party.

All told, there are more than twenty available options, ranging from $2 to $10,000, each one being unique in its own right, from allowing people to follow along with an “Insider” blog, reading the script, getting a DVD copy of the film, or being able to acquire a uniform worn on-screen by Jason O’Mara (Ulysses S. Grant) or Will Patton (Robert E. Lee). And of course, we have the options mentioned above, which are incredible from a fan’s point of view. Please do your part and participate in this project. You will be rewarded for your services in more ways than one!

One thought on “Unique Rewards a Part of the “To Appomattox” Kickstarter

  1. Robert

    Based on what I have read on the To Appomattox Facebook page, it appears that Will Patton is no longer taking part in the project due to scheduling conflicts. William Petersen is now in talks to play Robert E. Lee instead.

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