Paranormal File: An Investigation of Allaire Village

The members of "Haunted Travels" present for the investigation. From left to right: Brett Bodner, Tom Burke, Jake Reid, Greg Caggiano, Doug Balduini, Carla Balduini.
The members of “Haunted Travels” present for the investigation. From left to right: Brett Bodner, Tom Burke, Jake Reid, Greg Caggiano, Doug Balduini, Carla Balduini.

There are perks to not being famous, I guess, because if we were over at Haunted Travels, then this write-up and the ensuing pictures and videos to follow would probably never be published. As far as we know, we are the only group allowed to conduct a paranormal investigation of historic Allaire Village in Farmingdale, New Jersey, an early 1800’s iron-working community, and actually publish our findings, aside from BIO’s Celebrity Ghost Stories. We were assured by a worker there that it was alright “as long as this does not end up on television”. Rest assured, we only have a modest Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, so we are good to go. I did not know what to expect when we showed up at the village, because there was very little ghostly material about it online. Sometimes, no matter how haunted a location may be, we may not be able to document any experiences, because it is all a matter of time and place. On this night, though, it seemed that we were getting a lot of little things in every building we went in, which was six or seven, and were able to shoot a few videos showing this. The videos will be available online starting tomorrow, to be posted throughout the week, because the major evidence we found must remain secret until after I give a lecture at the village today, to any interested reenactors (after the lecture, this article will be updated to include video links). Below is a write-up of this very active night:

  • This was my first time investigating with an Ovilus III, which Carla brought with her. It is a very cool gadget, which ghosts can use their energy to manipulate a dictionary inside it and communicate with us. Throughout the entire night, it seemed that almost every word we got was relevant to something that was going on. When standing by a table adorned with plates, knives, and forks, it said, “eat”. Near the room in the mansion where Mrs. Allaire died, it said, “mommy”. While standing by the window that was overlooking a Civil War encampment that was being set up, we were stunned to hear it say, “soldiers”. Other relevant words during the investigation included: “store” (I was taking a picture of the general store when it was spoken), “apple” (in the manager’s house, after I asked the caretaker if they had done a cooking demonstration recently, because it smelled like apple pie), “metal” (as we were walking to the blacksmith shop), “electric” (as I was looking for a possible outlet to charge my phone from in the manager’s house), “hug” (after it said this in the manager’s house, two of us hugged each other, and it then said “loving”), and “harvest”, “supper”, and “rabbit” in the foreman’s cottage, and later, “Murphy” (while we cannot be sure if anyone was named that, the caretaker did say there were a lot of Irish workers in the village). Two other words recorded in the Mansion that we could not connect to were “business” and “Africa”. This leads me to ask if there ever were any slaves or African servants who worked on the estate?
The blacksmith shop.
  • The blacksmith shop and the communication we had there seemed to open everybody’s eyes, including the caretaker who earlier reported never having one single paranormal experience. He told us he was “flabbergasted” by what we captured. When I set the SB-7 down on an anvil, it said “wedge”. Being a blacksmith shop, we were surrounded by wedges and tools of all kinds. At that same time, the Ovilus III spoke the word “demon”, which we did not really like hearing. When we moved to the back of the building, by a carriage, a voice came on the SB-7 and said, “Hi Tom”, which is the name of our historical consultant who just entered the room. When we asked who was talking to him, a different voice spoke, “Somebody was”. It is also interesting to note that on our way out, the Ovilus III said, “human”.
  • In different buildings such as the row housing barracks basement, foreman’s cottage, and manager’s house, the REM pod and K-2 meters were going off like crazy, and it was in the basement of the row house that Doug said it felt like something was touching the top of his head, and when we shone a light on it, you could see his hair standing up on edge. When we told the spirit to light his K-2 up to red if it wanted us to leave, it responded quickly in the affirmative Also, in one of the rooms of the manager’s house, Doug was aiming his IR camera at an old dresser, and 0rbs were flying up from the floor. We made sure that it was not just residual dust or dirt, because when I rubbed my food in the same spot, nothing came up at all.
  • Overall, we were very content with the evidence and experiences we captured in our few hours at Allaire Village, and after what was spoken on the Ovilus III, I am sold on that product’s validity. There were just too many connections we could make for it to be just coincidences. We also want to make clear that this location operates entirely as a historic site, and it is not a haunted attraction by any means, so do not visit with the expectation that you will hear any ghost stories or be able to investigate like we did. Haunted Travels was honored to be allowed this exclusive investigation due to the “School of the Soldier” weekend encampment there, run by the New Jersey Civil War Heritage Association, and because I have to make a presentation on our findings this afternoon. Please respect the site’s historical integrity if you ever do visit.

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