“From New York to San Francisco” to Become “Reel to Real”

Say goodbye to this logo, as FNYTSF changes its name. Will be working on getting a new logo soon.

For quite some time, the name ‘From New York to San Francisco” has not sat well with me. When I created this blog in March of 2010 with that name, it was because I was going to write about the New York Rangers, and occasionally, the San Francisco Giants as well as a few other topics. But over time, covering those two teams on a regular basis proved too difficult, and now I barely write about hockey at all, though there will be a few pieces coming in the next month or so, with NHL Free Agency about to heat up. In the last few years, movies and history have been the main themes on this blog, but I still kept the name because that is what it was known as. Then, last month, I kicked the idea around on Facebook that it was time for a name change, and asked for suggestions. My favorite one, which I think accurately describes this blog, was “Reel to Real”. This perfectly and succinctly sums up what this blog is all about: movie reviews for the reel, as well as historical commentary, sports-writing, and random and political musings for the real (sometimes even the surreal when it comes to my ghost hunting adventures). And so, I hope you like the name change, and it will be easier for me since I no longer have to explain why I have two city names in the title of my blog that has little to do with either of them. The content will stay the same as it has been for the last few years, and I hope to find the time to produce more of it. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can better this blog for your reading pleasure, please leave a comment in the section below. Thanks!

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