A Friend Battles Cancer, and Blogs About It


A friend of mine from high school, Cody Morrison, is battling a rare form of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Chronic NK Cell LGL T-Cell, to be specific; there are less than 100 cases ever diagnosed in the world). He has since taken to blogging to give readers a look into his daily life. His treatments, the good and bad times, and also his outlook on life have all become subjects to write about. It is a very interesting and uplifting read. The blog is aptly titled I’ve Got Cancer.

He assures me that treatment is going well, and that he is seeing the top specialists in the field of this very rare cancer, including an oncologist at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. Consulting on his case is Dr. Thomas Loughran, who discovered LGL cancers and works at the UVA Cancer Center. He is the world expert in them. After reading through his posts, it makes the type of blogging I and many others do seem superficial. This is someone who is fighting for his life and has the courage to tell his story to the entire world. He is trying to put a positive spin on his affliction, and I have no doubt that fellow-patients will find a source of positive energy from his writings, while everyone else will gain inspiration. Please check it out. Cody’s blog is worthy of a read and a follow.


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