Food & Spirits: Jim Beam “Jacob’s Ghost” White Whiskey


Its going to look great on your shelf and be a source of intrigue and questions as long as it has a place on your bar. “Ghost whiskey? Hmm what’s that?” Well, that’s a good question. According to the label, the spirit (pun-intended) is not “un-aged white dog”, but it sure tastes like it (the product is actually aged for two years in white oak barrels, so they claim). Actually, on its own, this white whiskey tastes borderline disgusting. Not strong, just icky. It does not even have an alcoholy taste, its just plain weird, and causes you to smack your lips and maybe eek a little bit. That said, when mixed with ginger ale or a ginger beer, some kind of magical transformation happens and it actually begins to taste good. That would be my recommendation: you have to mix it with your favorite mixer for it to be bearable.

In my bar collection which currently stands at more than 15 types of whiskey and about 20 other liquors, this is the only product that meets such a criteria, because I don’t like to buy something that needs to be mixed, unless we are talking adding a splash of water to something. Yeah, when it comes to whiskey-types I like a Rusty Nail, Old-Fashioned, or bourbon and coke as much as the next guy, but the base-whiskeys are always drinkable and enjoyable on their own. Not the case here. Its almost like a watered-down moonshine. So, case in point, buy this because it will look awesome on your bar. Maybe make sure to drink it with your friends around Halloween for an added thrill. The label is a see-through picture of Jacob Beam, the distillery’s founder. As a paranormal investigator, its still a must-have, and is even the official drink of my podcast. It is a nice conversation piece as well as a cool addition to your bottle collection if you have one. Just beware of the obvious faults. $20-23.

2 out of 5 stars on its own. 3.5 out of 5 stars when mixed with ginger product.


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