Food & Spirits: Trader Joe’s Cranks Out a Super Cheap but Decent Scotch


From the trendy food store that brought us the glory of “Three-Buck Chuck” (Charles Shaw wine for $2.99) and so many other tasty and organic goodies comes their very own blend of scotch-whisky. This store has long been famous for their wine selection and wonderfully creative food items, which covers such a wide variety and stretches across many nationalities. While Charles Shaw wine has become famous due to Trader Joe’s import of them to stores nationwide, it does not bear their brand on the label. None of their liquor ever did, if I recall correctly. However, with a recent visit to their location in Westfield, they are apparently getting in on the action with their own liquor labels and branching out to include way more than wine. There were now different types of whiskey, topping out at $23.99 for a bottle of single-malt scotch, while more exotic liquors such as the Peruvian Pisco came in at a very reasonable $18.99. Being a big scotch fan, I settled on a one liter bottle of “blended scotch whisky”, out of curiosity, which was an eye-opening $10.99.

Read the rest on Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.


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