Food & Spirits: Zoubi Offers Small but Scrumptious Fare (New Hope, PA)

Restaurant: Zoubi Restaurant and Bar

Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015

Location: 7 West Mechanic Street, New Hope, PA

New Hope, Pennsylvania is a great spot for people looking for a relaxing dining experience. A row of bars and restaurants forms a long line overlooking the river. Prices, as you may gather, soar through the roof. That’s one thing to be expected, especially if you are planning on have a few drinks. A few weeks ago, when a friend and I went for a visit, we decided to try something off the beaten path, with no view of the river. Prices were still high, but the experience was worth it. We landed at Zoubi, which has an area outside built to look like an old ruin: tables surrounded by crumbling walls, with a garden-like atmosphere. The setting was so incredible that I asked the bartender, who happened to be the owner, if the area was original or built to look that way. He responded with the latter.

Read the rest at Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.

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