Food & Spirits: Bacon Syrup and the “Tipsy Pig”


The other day, I was introduced to something called Bacon Syrup, when my mom’s friend bought it for me thinking it was something I would enjoy. While I was very skeptical at first, an initial whiff of the liquid produced by Torani had me going,”Wow!”. It truly smelled like bacon, not just artificial smoke like most “bacon-flavored” substances that are now dominating the food and drink market. The scent is thick and hearty, and if your eyes were closed and someone surprised you with this, you would no doubt believe that there was a plate of bacon sitting right in front of your nose. Now, upon hearing of such an item in existence, my first thought was that the liquid would be thick like maple syrup, and even be something I could use as a replacement on pancakes or waffles. I was wrong. It has a watery consistency, and although you can use it however you like, the intent is actually for drinks; cocktails in particular.

Read the rest on Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.


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