Food & Spirits: Record Grill…Blink and You’ll Miss It (Dallas, TX)


Restaurant: Record Grill

Date: July 25, 2015

Location: 605 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas

When a sign above the grill reads, “No WiFi. Talk amongst yourselves”, you know that a good, ol’ fashioned treat is in store. I made it my goal to find one—just one— restaurant that would be something out of an Anthony Bourdain episode. A tiny, hole-in-the-wall that seems stuck in time with great prices and delicious food. Little did I know that the first restaurant we would visit on this trip would meet that description. When you are near Record Grill, you might end up walking right past it. The building is tiny and narrow, looking like nothing more than a window-front hot dog stand. Will, who I am traveling with, and I decided on an early lunch after arriving an hour earlier than we expected from our flight, and being really hungry and exhausted. He knew of my goal, so we agreed to at least walk in and give it a shot. It could not have fit the picture I had in my mind any more perfectly: there were four tables, and a few stools at a counter. The grill is right there—you can see them preparing your food. There’s no air conditioning even though the outside “dry heat” temperatures are approaching 100. The menu on the wall bears prices that could be more than 20 years old. You know where this is going, right?

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