“Halloween Twenty-Fifteen”: A New Column for this Fall

The Strauss Mansion museum in Atlantic Highlands, where Greg is on the board of directors.
The Strauss Mansion museum in Atlantic Highlands, where Greg is on the board of directors.

As a paranormal investigator who loves horror movies and works at a haunted museum, there is no better time of year than fall and October. This blog has always been busy with paranormal musings, and that will continue. I am starting up a new column that will run the next couple months until the end of October, called “Halloween Twenty-Fifteen”. In years past, I have used the phrase “Haunted History” and the year, but I would like to expand on a little more than just that. Sure, over the next eight weeks, you can expect plenty of my ghost hunting adventures, including throwbacks to some of my really good previous ones. I also plan on writing a lot about the Strauss Mansion museum where I volunteer at, and our annual ghostly themed events. The column will also include horror movie reviews and scan what different ghost shows are popping up on television, and whether or not they are credible and worth your time.

Because my “Food & Spirits” column has also been successful, we’re going to start throwing a Halloween spin on it by covering various pumpkin and fall-themed beers. I’ll be bringing in my friend Brett Bodner to write about them. Brett is a lifelong friend of mine as well as a co-investigator for our web-series and podcast Ghosts on the Coast. He is an entertainment writer for the International Business Times. We’re looking forward to a fun and busy Fall 2015. There will be plenty of ghosts, horror movies, and yes, pumpkin beers on the horizon. I would go into more detail, but you will just have to see for yourself!

Don’t miss out on anything here on Reel to Real. Consider becoming and email subscriber by scrolling down on your left side, and also following my author page on Facebook. For articles in the “Halloween Twenty-Fifteen” column, just click on the tag here. We’ll see you around. Happy hauntings! GC

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