“Halloween Twenty-Fifteen”: October is Finally Here!

Stormy skies rolled in over Strauss Mansion when we shot some footage there a few months ago.
Stormy skies rolled in over Strauss Mansion when we shot some footage there a few months ago.

My favorite month of the year is finally here. This blog is already well underway with our special “Halloween Twenty-Fifteen” column which will carry on until the end of October. I’ve already posted 16 articles in this column over the last month, including horror and sci-fi movie reviews as well as write-ups of my paranormal investigating adventures. You can expect more of the same to come this month. I have quite a few more reviews waiting to be posted as well as a report from when I investigated Brookdale Community College this past summer. That will be put up in a few weeks as we get closer to Halloween.

This is going to be a busy month for me. I am interning and finishing up my degree, coaching two hockey teams, and  trying to get some work done at Strauss Mansion for our annual Haunted Lantern Tours, which are always a ton of fun. We also have a public paranormal investigation of Strauss Mansion and my group will be doing a few private ones for our own research. Not to mention New York Rangers hockey will be starting up next week. So yes, October is absolutely insane. But I will still try to find the time to write. This is my favorite time of year and I know many readers of this blog share the same feeling. Happy Hauntings! GC

More articles in this special “Halloween Twenty-Fifteen” column can be found here.

For a complete listing of all past paranormal investigations I have blogged about, please click here.

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