Paranormal File: No, That’s Not the Jersey Devil in Galloway Township

It must be a slow news day on NJ.Com who is reporting that the Jersey Devil has just been sighted in Galloway, New Jersey. Last Tuesday, a man named Dave Black spotted what he thought was the elusive creature and took several pictures of it with his cell phone. Apparently, only one came out, and this is the one currently going viral:


He swears it is not a Photoshop or a fraud. Of course he does. As the website reported, there are indeed no visible wires or strings holding up the creature, but that really does not help to prove the case. We live in a day and age with technology that could produce anything, and quite convincingly. This picture is not even convincing in itself. As one of my co-investigators with Ghosts on the Coast, Carly Vena, noted to me, “It looks like a toy goat with wings.” Yes, that is exactly what it looks like. I don’t know Mr. Black, nor am I going to call him a liar, but I do have a question: Where are the other pictures of it? You took several, you say, so where are they? It doesn’t matter if they didn’t come out clear. I want to see this damn thing flying away, even if its just a black speck somewhere in the sky. Apparently, there is also a video of the event that looks even more ridiculous than the picture. It looks like a toy. A freakin’ piece of plastic. If you look at the picture and watch the video and still think it is realistic, then you belong on a train to La-La Land. Note how the person filming does not utter a single word, nor scream with surprise that they just captured the most sought after and terrifying creature in New Jersey folklore history. Not a word. Why? Because the entire thing is a hoax, and rather horribly executed. Need I say more? Need I investigate further? I can’t believe it has even gotten this much attention.

The entire thing is a sham. Whoever perpetrated it, I don’t know, but shame on NJ.Com for running with this to get hits (over 2,000 shares as of this posting). This is just another instance of someone starting something and allowing others to keep it going. Its like a chain reaction. That’s what happens with all sightings, credible or not. People either see something that isn’t there, or advance the cause by continuing the hoax with additional fake material. Shame on anyone who believed this load of garbage, and God bless the internet.

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