Paranormal File: An Investigation of Rose Hill Cemetery


As written about last week, the Ghosts on the Coast team checked out historic and haunted Rose Hill Cemetery in Matawan, New Jersey. Again, we did not experience anything incredible, although this past investigation did lead us to discovering the identity of who is buried in the “Zombie” grave. We conducted several SB-7 sessions and got a decent amount of responses throughout. Below are five raw footage videos we shot, including one where the audio was interrupted, something which has never happened before. Also included are any time-stamped responses we captured.

Video 1: Crypt of Abraham J. Vreeland

After 1:18 “that’s a crypt”; unintelligible at 1:26; unintelligible female voice at 1:58; after Greg asks if someone is standing by Hunter, the response is “me” at 2:25; unintelligible female voice after 2:33; after 2:59 “you did that”; after 4:12 when Greg asks if there are any spirits inside the crypt there is a loud voice that says “No!”, which sounds like the voice of a child; unintelligible response at 4:18 and again at 4:48; after 5:25 “I wasn’t _____”; multiple unintelligible responses after 6:00 mark.

Video 2: Additional Cemetery Crypts Part 1

Our audio gets interrupted at the end of this clip. As we will explain in the third video, this has never happened to us during an investigation before. Time-stamped responses are: after Greg asks if there are any spirits there is a female response saying “Yeah” at 0:13; “Alexander” at 0:16; “Stephan” at 0:38; what sounds like the same voice saying “number” at 0:45 but it could be something else; after 1:13 “good answer”; “ten” at 1:27; “hey” at 1:58; after 2:02 a full unintelligible sentence in a female voice.

Video 3: Additional Cemetery Crypts Part 2

A continuation of our last clip which was cut off (and a possible explanation). Time-stamped responses: A full unintelligible sentence after 1:43; “every” after 2:19; after Greg asks if that is the same spirit talking to us as before the response is “Yep” at 3:56; “Margaret” after 5:53; unintelligible sentence after 6:16; what sounds like “we will” after 6:27; “Hello” after 6:52.

Video 4: James Godfrey Grave

This is the grave of a person who we had previously communicated with a few years ago. Time-stamped responses in this video: “Hi” at 0:43; after the 1:02 mark a female voice says what sounds like “near the…grave”; “picture” at 1:12; after 2:09 a man and a woman talking to each other that sounds like “did” and “I do”; after 2:14 when Greg asks if James can give them a message there is a “yes”; “answer” at 3:01; “please no” after 3:18; unintelligible multi-syllable response after 3:51 and again at 4:04; after 4:36 there is a response that sounds like another language and then “Bonjour”; unintelligible after 5:01.

Video 5: “Zombie” Grave

Our final video from Rose Hill Cemetery. Filmed before we uncovered the true identity of “Zombie”. This footage is currently under analysis but we wanted to post it here anyway. We have been really busy with the lantern tour and other events and don’t know when we will get a chance to time-stamp it.

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  1. Linda says:

    On your Rose Hill “Video #3”:
    @ 6:17 & 6:28 it sounds to me like there is a voice saying the name “Arrowsmith”. You were not yet at the Arrowsmith crypt @ 6:17, but were headed towards it. I have gotten the name Arrowsmith on an evp recording once while “visiting” the crypt. (a female with a very pleasant sounding voice). I have spoken to others & they have told me of their experiences with the Arrowsmith crypt before I mentioned my experiences. Legend has it that there is a Witch in Rose Hill Cemetery. Also, the top of the hill seems to be active as well… is it my imagination, or does it sound to others like the name “Arrowsmith” is being said??? PLEASE comment back!! …So Spooky, I go to Rose Hill a lot just for the intrigue of it.

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