Paranormal File: The Best Evidence I Ever Captured


I will spare you all the backstory, because it is enough for another book. I have a second manuscript already finished detailing the paranormal occurrences which happened at Strauss Mansion in Atlantic Highlands last October. Maybe one day when I have the time, I will sit down and edit them for publication on this blog. Or, better yet, maybe come into some money to make a second book release possible. Nevertheless, the best evidence I ever shot was on last Halloween, 2014. We had just wrapped up one of our most intense paranormal investigations and seances. We stuck around after one of our lantern tour events since it was the perfect night for it. The energy was through the roof, stronger than it had ever been. We shut off all the lights and locked up for the night only to go outside and see one of the upstairs hallway lights was on. I asked Lou Fligor if we should go in and shut it off. Wanting to get out of there after a rough night, he said, “No!”, but continued to stare at the window. Damn it, I know he wants to go back in there. So, the two of us headed back inside. I turned my phone’s camera on and off we went. Nothing remarkable happened inside, but when we got back out, everyone was standing, staring up at a second floor window dumbstruck. Something was moving.

As you will see in the video (especially when I zoom in), there is some kind of shadow-like figure moving around. Some have argued the figure is actually white, and the black is what you should see. However, we have determined the white is the wall and the black is what is moving. Just watch it to see for yourself. In any event, nothing should have been moving. Being skeptics, we went through all the possibilities: 1) Was it us moving around? 2) Was it Lou’s flashlight or the angle he was standing at? 3) Was there anyone inside fooling around? We quickly realized the answer to all three is an emphatic “No”. You can see we are standing still during the shadow movement and Lou’s light is a steady beam. As for the last one, we know for a fact there was no one in the house, and this is doubly confirmed by us setting the alarm on our way out and it not going off if a solid body was moving around up there. Lou’s flashlight is a strong one. If it was a “normal” shadow, the beam should have penetrated through it, but it does not. The other factor is that this window is a good five feet off the ground. The shadow covers most of the window, meaning whatever it was had to be either about nine feet tall or be floating in mid-air.

Honestly, I did not realize what I had captured until days later. It was a hectic situation and was starting to drizzle. I was literally standing there holding my phone up just hoping to capture what I was seeing with my own eyes. The next day we were back for another night of our lantern tours, and the day after that was busy taking down all the decorations and props. It was probably a good four or five days before I sat down with Brett to show him the footage and was admittedly shocked that the video had it all. It’s just one of those things—right place, right time.

Can this be 100% confirmed paranormal activity? No, of course not, but we have run out of possible explanations and even ardent skeptics and non-believers have watched this and agreed it is definitely something. As to why we are so startled to see this when we would normally be excited and not freak out, I will just say it was something earlier in the evening which had us on edge, not this shadow movement specifically. It remains the best evidence I ever captured, and a night no one who experienced it will ever forget.

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