Food & Spirits: The Sangria You’re Having this Thanksgiving

You need to have this on Thursday. Trust me. Before I begin, I just want to say I am not taking credit or claiming ownership of this recipe. There are hundreds of similar ones online. I read through a few and made a some tweaks until I got what I felt would be the most enjoyable. The recipe below is what I made last night, and it really was to die for. Though this is billed as a “Fall” sangria, it does have quite a summery flair if not for the cranberries which are now in season. The overall balance is perfect between sweet and tart, and the finish goes down way too easy. Here’s a couple of other tips before you make this (or any) sangria: please do not use name brand liquors. There are so many websites and shows out there that want you to use an expensive bottle of wine or the finest white rum. It really is nonsense, because when it all gets mixed together you will not know the difference. This isn’t the Food Network. This is your kitchen. Unless you have one of their salaries, do not be ashamed to make this on the cheap. For wine, I used Crane Lake ($3.99) and the rum is Seafarer, which ranges for $13-15 a 1.75 L bottle and is what I always have on hand for those summer cocktails and other kinds of sangria.

Read the rest at Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.


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