Food & Spirits: A Bang for Your Buck at Havana (New Hope, PA)

The Cuban Panini at Havana.

Restaurant: Havana

Date: September 3, 2015

Location: 105 South Main Street, New Hope, PA

Sorry for the delay with this. It got lost in my drafts queue. New Hope is one of my favorite places to visit. Still, it is very hit or miss with eating establishments. Many are highly expensive, offering fine dining sized portions, while others just look like they have seen better days. Case in point: a lunch I had at Zoubi earlier in the summer. The food was excellent, but was so incredibly small and pricey that Will and I were talking about what we were going to eat next before we had even finished the meal. Last month, on another excursion to the riverside town, my family and I were wandering looking for some place new to try. We came across Mojito, a Cuban-themed restaurant. The menu seemed good but there was not one single soul eating there, not inside or out. Warning sign? Oh yeah, especially considering all other restaurants had decent crowds. Located pretty much across the street is Havana, another Cuban restaurant that was crowded, so we walked over there instead. Unlike almost every other restaurant in New Hope, they have no menu posted outside. We took a chance, and the end result leaves me with mixed feelings.

Read the rest at Greg’s new food blog by clicking here.

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